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Societies: Academic and Careers

There are plenty of academic societies available to students at York, we've put together a guide for prospective students to use

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Applied Social Sciences and Social Policy Society (ASSSP)

Applied Social Science and Social Policy Society welcomes all members of its department as well as students interested in the field. It is a social network that provides careers events and organizes socials. If you are a Social Sciences and Social Policy student this is definitely a society to join.

Archaeology Society

Archeology Society is a must for all those interested in history and archaeology. It organizes trips to places of historic interest, offers help and advice to those who wish to professionally follow archaeology, and of course it holds weekly socials and historic pub crawls.

Art History Soc

Art History Society holds events like talks from people working in heritage and creative industries, film screenings, trips to sites of architectural and cultural interest and debates. The society does not only welcome History of Art students, but also students from other fields and disciplines.

Art Society

If you are looking for a place to paint, draw, increase the profile of art on campus or discuss and share your passion about art this is a society to be a member of. Welcome to all!

Biosciences Society

Bioscience society is open to everyone interested in the field and of course to students studying bioscience. It promises to great socials, useful career connections, lectures concerning research conducted in the department, discussions about new discoveries and old theories and opportunities to explore your personal interests. If you love Biology this is a society for you!

Bright Futures Society

'Getting a good degree is not enough to clinch that all important with an interview at FTSE 100 company'. True as it is, Bright Future Society aims to make York students more employable once the finish their degrees. They provide networking opportunities with such companies and hold workshops to improve students' transferable skills.

Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

ChemSoc is a student society aimed mostly at Chemistry and Biochemistry Students, though anyone with an interest in Chemistry can join. The society hosts special open lectures which are often themed on cutting edge science and organizes social events, including Themed Bar Crawls, Quizzes, BBQs. As a society they offer a great opportunity for networking and meeting fellow course-mates across all years.

Criminology and Criminal Justice Society (CrimSoc)

CrimSoc caters for all who have an interest in the criminal justice system, including Policing, prisons, probation and youth offenders; all are welcome to join!

Economics Society

The Economics Society represents all the Economics Students at the University of York; however it welcomes students who are just interested in economics as well. The society holds open discussions and talks, socials while helping students find their way into the economic related job market.

Education Society (EdSoc)

Educations Society offers its members volunteering opportunities relating to the field of education, whilst organising trips and socials with like-minded people.

Elevation Networks

Elevations Networks is an award winning youth employment charity which welcomes all members of the University of York community.

Entrepreneurs Society

Entrepreneurs Society's main goal is to inform, involve and support students interested in enterprise, business and the associated skills. Inspiration, education and engagement are some of the qualities offered at the members of the society. Founded in 2004, the society has flourished 'from a small society unit into a large highly innovative community of entrepreneurs business trailblazers and future success stories'. The society has won the International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (2009) and the Global Innovation Competition (2009).

Environment Society (EnviroSoc)

Environment Society welcomes all York students studying Environmental Science as well as those interested in the environment. The society seeks to educate its members about the environment while organising socials.

History Society

History society is open to everyone but mainly to History and join honours students who want to socialize outside the lecture theatres. The societies organises socials and trips abroad.

International Development Society

The International Development Society aims at connecting students with a shared interest in international development. Some of the society's activities include trips, talks, debates and campaigns.

Investment and Finance Society

The society aims to be the focal point for all students interested in finance on campus and holds meetings twice a month to discuss tips and invite guest speakers. In recent years it organises the York Investment and Finance Conference.

Law Society

Law Society has been set up to offer guidance to Law students and those looking to convert to Law. To help their members, the society has links with top practices, and offers skills sessions and mock interview practices. By meeting those involved in the world of Law, the society is an ideal place to professionally network.

Linguistic Society

York Linguistics Society is for students who love languages. They also come together to debate language, sharing their knowledge and learning about different cultures. The society also has a quarterly journal which their members can help contribute to with their work and thoughts on linguistics.

Lit Soc

LitSoc is a society open not just to literature students, but to any student with an interest in the written arts. One of the busiest societies on campus, LitSoc hosts a great number of social events ranging from a trip to Dublin to themed balls. They regularly team up with other societies, including History and History of Art, to offer large bar crawls in the city centre. The society also holds a series of 'Out of Hours' lectures throughout the year, with experts in a number of literary fields. This is a vibrant society to join for anyone with a love of literature.


Raising awareness and campaigning for students to join the marrow register. The marrow society is aiming to make a real difference at the University. Holding sign up events throughout the year it's never been easier to do something good.

Maths Soc

Maths Soc is, famously, the only society that counts! The society is open to all, especially those interested in maths, organising easy going lectures from guest lecturers. Occasionally the members of Maths Soc learn things about maths, but mainly they concentrate on having fun.


Aiming to specifically represent medical students at York, the society also acts as a parent society for the many other medical societies attached to the University's medical wing. MedSoc puts on large scale socials and events (including speakers) which can also be attended by non-members at invitation.

Midwifery Society

For all those interested in a career in midwifery and related practices. It's main aim is to meet like minded people and to exchange knowledge.

Philosophy Society

The Philosophy Society holds a weekly discussion event (Philoscoffee). Philoscoffee attracts students from many academic disciplines who have an interest in philosophical questions. They also organised speaker events for the coming year.

Physics Society (Physsoc)

Physsoc is for Physics students and those just interested in Physics. The society organises socials and events for such people on campus. Academically, the society promotes links between themselves and the Institute of Physics (IoP). The IoP is devoted to increasing the profile of Physics and has specialists in the field.

Psychology Society (Psychsoc)

Psychsoc offers academic and social events to those studying and interested in Psychology. Academically, the society organises talks from guest speakers, the topics of which lead to debate and discussion. They also offer subsidised trips to B£ conferences and write an academic magazine, as well as a mentoring scheme for new students. Socially, as a member you receive free entry to most of their social events.


Shocksoc is the departmental society for the Electronics department which organises socials and related events for students studying, or interested in, electronics.

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