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Previously situated on Heslington West, Goodricke moved to the new campus alongside Langwith College a couple of years ago. Now it's part of the rapidly growing Heslingon East and benefits from the excellent sports facilities in the nearby Sports Village. Goodricke is known for having some of the best accommodation on campus and with the addition of Constantine College, there will certainly be more of a buzz on Hes East this year!

The boring but important stuff

Premium En-suite: 35 or 40 week let, £131.18 per week
Premium Standard: 35 or 40 week let, £124.32 per week
Studio Flat: 35 or 40 week let, £157.85 per person

Food: Self-catered

Nearest departments: Law and Management, TFTV and Computer Science

What made you choose your college in the first place?

There were several reason why I chose Goodricke College over the others - one of the main reasons was simply because it was close to the Computer Science department (as I'm a Comp Sci student). You'll find that a large number of Goodricke residents are doing Computer Science, Law, Film/TV/Theatre, and Business-/Management-related degrees, as these departments' buildings are all close by, but this shouldn't put you off choosing Goodricke if you're doing a different subject. Amongst my flatmates last year were mathematicians, English students, psychology students and sociology students.

What are the rooms like?

The accommodation itself is of very high quality - the majority of rooms are part of 12-person flats, with some flats having a few less occupants. There are a couple of houses, each with around 6 occupants. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms - these are cleaned every 2 weeks by a cleaner (and no, that's not a good enough excuse to never clean it yourself!). As of this academic year, your keycard (yep that's right - none of those old-fashioned keys) will only let you into the floor that your flat is on - there tend to be about 4-5 flats per floor. With regards to the kitchen, most flats have a fairly huge kitchen between them, but a few flats have 2 smaller kitchens. Expect to have have 1 shelf in the fridge, 1 drawer in the freezer, and 2 cupboards worth of space.

Are you happy with where it is on campus?

Goodricke is located on the Hes East campus, and as there are less departments and colleges than on the Hes West campus you'll find that the general area can be quite quiet at times, although Langwith College (which is next to Goodricke) has a bar where some pretty good events are held. Don't forget that you can always jump on the free bus to the other campus (Hes West), where there are plenty of other bars and restaurants to choose from.

Would you say it's good value for money?

Currently, living in Goodricke will set you back around £130/week for your accommodation fees - this may seem pretty expensive compared to the other colleges, it's definitely worth it - after all, you'll only be there for a year, so you may as well have the best experience possible.

Any things the prospectus didn't even mention?

I think that the main thing that the prospectus misses out is how easy the transition to university life is made for you - Goodricke was the college that introduced the idea of STYCs (Second/Third Year Contacts), who are older students that tell you all manner of useful stuff that the University seems to forget about, such as how to get to the local Sainsburys. Speaking of which, the prospectus fails to say that Hes East doesn't have any form on food shop on it, and as such you can expect to have to walk for about 10 minutes each way to the nearest food stores (either the previously mentioned Sainsburys Local, or the Nisa on Hes West), but this isn't really an issue. Don't forget that you can also get food delivered to your door from most supermarkets!

Any tips for freshers?

Just one piece of advice - bring a shower curtain. The college doesn't provide them, and as the en-suite bathrooms are fairly small, everything WILL get soaked every time you have a shower if you don't have a shower curtain. Trust me - I know.

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Anonymous Posted on Thursday 14 Aug 2014

Not all Goodricke rooms have en-suite bathrooms. Plus, the room rates are same in every college, the room types just are not...