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Constantine College

Amy Wong talks to Cat Santini, the Constantine College Chair, about what living in the University's newest College will be like

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Opening its doors this September, this year's freshers will be the first to live in the university's newest college. Don't be put off by the lack of information floating around the internet about Constantine, instead embrace the opportunity to live in a brand new build named after Constantine, emperor in York in 306 AD.

The boring but important stuff

Premium standard room: 40 week let, £124 per week
Deluxe ensuite room: 40 week let, £135 per week

Food: self-catered only

Nearest departments: Law and Management, TFTV and Computer Science

What made you choose your college in the first place?

Besides from it being brand new? It's also because we are the founders so we get the chance to shape our college into anything we want. Plus, Heslington East has great scenery and it would be really silly of me to get away from it. I mean, it has bunnies!

What are the rooms like?

The College is split into five blocks of flats and three blocks of houses. Rooms have 3/4 width beds with under the bed storage. There are twelve students who share one large kitchen in all of our accommodation styles. In Premium Standard blocks or housing, students share a bathroom on a 3:1 ratio, by far the best of any other [non en-suite accommodation]!

Are you happy with where it is on campus?

Don't let the rumours put you off! Heslington East is beautiful! Don't believe me? See for yourself. Bus shuttles also run every 5-8 minutes; it's fast and easy, and it's completely free anywhere on campus! There are a lot of benefits living in Heslington East; you get to know people and know your way round both campuses too, which is amazing! It is not necessary to choose your College based on where your department is, as you'd only limit yourself otherwise.

Would you say its good value for money?

I definitely think Constantine College is value for money, you pay for what you get and the accommodation in Constantine is outstanding. It's brand new, not to mention that Constantine is the only college to offer a TV and a sofa!

Are there any things you wish the prospectus told you before you picked?

Hmm... Not really but I do wish they had more pictures.

Anything great the prospectus didn't even mention?

The college spirit. You feel at home straight away.

Any tips for new freshers?

Get involved! And don't forget to eat healthy food, especially during Freshers week [as] it will help with the hangovers. It is very important to keep yourself safe and healthy, and keep your strength up, because being sick affects everything!


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