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Album Review: Linkin Park - The Hunting Party

Linkin Park's new release is unlikely to build their fanbase, writes Katie Woodard.

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Linkin Park are back with their latest album The Hunting Party. Linkin Park have been one of the most successful and productive rock bands of the 21st century, but that's not stopping them from mixing things up on their sixth album. After spending the last couple of discs leaning more melodic, the band is thoroughly embracing a guitar-driven hard rock sound with 'The Hunting Party.' If you just listen to the opening you can firmly say that the scream is back!

The Hunting Party is a lot heavier than their previous album Living Things, and will appeal to the hard core fanbase that prefers their older albums. This return to a heavier sound is best heard in 'Rebellion' and 'Guilty All The Same' which was the album's first released single, which features Rakim who tries to deliver over a song that offers poor support for him.

The band has described The Hunting Party as a prequel to Hybrid Theory, their huge 2000 debut. While admittedly not my type of music, the aggressive sound fits with the defensive lyrics. Mike Shinoda apparently ditched early demos that would have sent Linkin Park further into electronic territory, and while personally I think this would have improved the album, his band mates seemed thrilled by the decision.

Shinoda's desire to make a record with a punk rock feel and Bennington's more delicate electropop parts don't always go well together, and this is heard in "War", however Rob Bourdon's brilliant drumming means there is always plenty of energy in the tracks. Likewise, the track "All for Nothing" is a forgettable track talking about brotherhood and solidarity.

It's not their best album, and it won't land them on any popular lists, but it will sell to their loyal fans who buy every album.

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7 Comment

logan Posted on Monday 6 Jul 2020

Poor article.


Jay Posted on Monday 6 Jul 2020


On what planet is this album not their best? Did you buy their album in CD form? Did you listen to it on high quality speaker? The attention to detail on this album will blow your socks off?


jhunt Posted on Monday 6 Jul 2020

The person responsible for this biased opinion should go meet the band as they're the most amazing band n humans ever. Might I add if this isn't your type of music you have zero credibility in what you've said and should've deviated from writing what's obviously a pure example of ignorance on your part... toss me your rebuttal if you wanna go further as I live life unbiased and will listen but don't toss me nonsense opinion when you haven't done your own research


rhianna bromley Posted on Monday 6 Jul 2020

i love music like this i now what i qm taling about anf their new album is amazing and i cant waqit until they dio more of this amazing music


edwin Posted on Monday 6 Jul 2020

Who ever wrote this article has no idea what their talking about it may not be the best but was definitely the right move for the band. Yea the electronic and LP sound good together but I think every LP fan was waiting for a album like this


Cha-cha-cha Posted on Monday 6 Jul 2020

Best Linkin Park album since Meteora, this person is an idiot.


rhianna bromley Posted on Monday 6 Jul 2020

i cant believe that linkin park have done amazing albulm to go alongside there other amazing albums


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