Students raise nearly PS40k for charity

Seventeen students are undertaking the Inca Trek to raise money for the Breast Cancer Campaign and the Epilepsy Society

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Seventeen students from the University will be travelling to Peru this summer to undertake the Inca Trek and raise money for the Breast Cancer Campaign and the Epilepsy Society. Breast cancer fundraising

Each student participating in the Trek has to raise at least £2,950 in order to take part. Overall they have raised almost £40,000 so far.

The group will be trekking through the Lares Valley to Machu Picchu, the pre-Columbian ruins located between the Andes. During the trek they will be visiting ancient ruins and natural hot springs. The trek will take them to a climb of 4,500m at which point altitude sickness often sets in.

Students were able to pick which one of the charities they wanted to sponsor. The Epilepsy Society offers support and advice for those suffering from epilepsy. Money raised for the Breast Cancer Campaign will go towards funding research based in Leeds into how cancer develops and spread.

The group have been holding bake sales and collections across York to raise money.

One of the participants explained her reasons for taking part in the Trek, writing on her campaigning page: "Growing up, I've witnessed my favourite teacher at school, my mum's best friend and both of my Godmothers battle breast cancer.

"Being able to raise funds for Breast Cancer is something I've always wanted to do.

"I want more women out there to understand how fatal breast cancer can be and the importance of check-ups.

"Most importantly, I dream of a cure that would do justice to all the brave breast cancer warriors so that they can win the battle, and have another chance in life."

At the YUSU Awards last Friday Sarah Roughton, one of the current RAG officers, was announced as the winner of RAG volunteer of the year.

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