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The Nouse editorial team pick their favourite stories of the 2013--2014 year, from Vision's maggot terror to our own animal antics

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Kallum Taylor campaigns to abolish printer credits

If I had known the furore that would come to surround my small, seemingly insignificant story regarding the abolition of printer credits, I might have cared slightly more at 4 o'clock in the morning when I was frantically typing it up. It sparked an intense and somewhat alarming response online with people angrily claiming that we would be over zealous with our use of paper. One commenter even claimed it would cause "great misery and suffering". Another boldly stated that Kallum Taylor was trying to invoke a "communist dystopia". I definitely should have considered the implications of the abolition scheme when I was desperately trying to fill the space on the page by adding needless bits of information such as the cost of printing an A4 side in colour, and that it was the double the cost to print it in A3. Groundbreaking journalism. B.J.

Constantine college logo

Constantine's logo fiasco

Constantine College got off to a bad start this year as it was revealed that their logo contained the wrong emperor. It turned out that the picture, embedded in a lovely pink C, was actually a rather bearded Emperor Hadrian and not the beloved Constantine. Incredibly, even Jane Grenville, University Deputy Vice Chancellor, who herself is an archaeologist, didn't notice that the logo contained the wrong Roman. In short, the University tried their hand at a little bit of culture and sadly got it wrong. The next attempt was a bit better, although it sort of looks like a weirdly square flying fried egg. Oh and also it's hot pink, a very 'bold' choice for any college. Although who doesn't like pink right? R.S.

"Unhappy feet": Nouse's animal obsession

In February, weeks of non-stop rain and strong winds left penguins at Scarborough Sea Life Centre "thoroughly fed-up and miserable". I'm still not entirely sure quite what this had to do with the University, or even York, but nobody really cared because it meant we could make a pun with our title "Unhappy feet" and have a picture of a penguin. Since then, cute animals have become a news staple and even took over the front page when we reported the birth of three Sumatran tiger cubs. From stray horses to the sad passing of the black swan, Nouse have been there to keep you up-to-date on all things furry and adorable. We're clearly a big bunch of animal lovers-although Eric Milner can keep its vermin. A.W.

Strip to your boxers and cream up your nipples

This story got off to a strong start with the word 'nipple' in the headline. Sure, it was a tiny bit misleading in that nobody outside of certain Vision editors' bedrooms actually said "strip to your boxers and cream up your nipples" ... but I think we can all agree that what was and wasn't said fades into unimportance in the face of an opportunity to get a slightly naughty word on the front page of a student newspaper. The story is that a male student had whipped cream licked from his nipples by a female student on the Tokyo stage. Student journos immediately leapt to the conclusion that he must have been pressured into non-consensual oral contact, but he actually commented on the online version of the article to allay any faux-concern. It's a shame that this technically makes the whole thing a non-issue, but he did say that he was happy to make it into the paper. Bless. G.H.

"Tom bloody A-C"


We've covered some heavy stuff in the last year here at Nouse, from YUSU blunders and revenge porn to internet privacy and mental health. But can you guess which story was one of the most read of the entire year? Tom bloody A-C. The maverick (for want of a better word) YUSU Presidential candidate got himself banned from online campaigning after calling one candidate a radical feminist and accusing another of not really being Irish. In his defence he told Nouse: "It's not all rainbows and flowers. If people want to cry about every single thing then no wonder there are floods in Somerset". I for one am disappointed that he will not be taking on Taylor's scarf shaped mantle this year. Student media had a brief funny turn over the candidates in this year's YUSU elections. "A lobster! A feminist! Loads of white guys!" we breathily exclaimed. Unfortunately for us none proved to be particularly interesting or controversial. So here's to the real winner of the YUSU elections, the only truly interesting sort-of candidate, this one's for you Argath the Devourer! A.B.

Nisa's not nicer, says Vision


Vision's latest front page demonstrated once again our cultural fascination with the anti-hero. The campus red-top set the stage for a lovable rogue (a maggot), who led a brash assault on the tyrannical empire of Nisa. The story had everything: a complex protagonist, action (a shocking broccoli attack), and mass appeal (the story would go on to be picked up by the Fresh Produce Journal). It's difficult to say which exclusive revelation was the more gob-smacking about this story, but for me it was the link between one head of broccoli and the dwindling hygiene ratings of several food outlets in town. Who knew? Thanks to Vision editor Helena Horton, pictured here bravely conquering her broccoli fear for her Nouse debut. A.P.

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