Conflict between student promoters and York Parties

A former Brand Manager and student at the University of York has alleged that he is owed PS3,800 for his work for York Parties. Don Draper gives his thoughts.

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Conflict has arisen between York Parties and their student club promoters, following accusations that the company failed to pay the promoters in full and ignored communications.

Adam James Hamilton, more commonly known as Adam Jay, is the owner of York Parties. York Parties is responsible for promoting and running the three YUSU-sponsored club nights: Kuda Tuesday, Tokyo Thursday and Vodka Revolution Sunday, as well as other events around York. York Parties are not employed directly by YUSU but by the clubs themselves. York Parties

Jay has been accused of paying student promoters as little as £1.50 for a night's work of getting clubbers through the doors, as well as avoiding contact with these promoters when worries about low payment were raised.

One former Brand Manager of the Kuda Tuesdays club night, a student at the University of York, made a series of allegations about Jay's treatment of both him, and other promoters, during their time working for York Parties.

"Every single sales rep that was promoting for Adam's night for Kuda Tuesdays were also mistreated. The majority of my reps were also reps for other nights run by York Parties. They never received money until I sent a letter of grievance," the promoter told Nouse.

The Brand Manager has also alleged that he is owed £3800, based on a contract which was promised by Jay, and that he was forced to pay promoters working for York Parties out of his own pocket, because Jay had failed to do so.

He has claimed that a contract had been agreed verbally, but would be formalised at a later date between Jay and himself. However he told Nouse that the targets set were so high that there was no realistic chance of getting the promised money.

Though they had agreed to asum of £200 a week if they managed to get at least 650 people into Kuda each week along with other targets, the student felt they did not get a fair financial settlement when targets were not reached.

"I was given targets which were impossible to reach, and even after trying so hard to reach them, Adam still refused to pay me and ignored all messages regarding my pay.

"I have been constantly been ignored by Adam and left in the dark about everything, despite being a Brand Manager."

In a previous official letter of grievance sent to Jay, the student elaborated: "I had to get Kallum Taylor, YUSU President involved to help me get my money and he assured me I would get my money as York Parties are under a YUSU contract and any malpractice with paying students will come with consequences.

"Eventually [Jay] gave me £400 (£600 less than expected if it my pay was £200 per week) and the money for my rep's commission."

However, Jay responded to these accusations, highlighting York Parties' investment in a computerised system to ensure promoters were paid fairly, as well as his personal efforts to settle the matter.

He told Nouse: "It was my belief that this matter was amicably resolved and that York Parties had gone beyond anything that was actually required of us in order to ensure that the individual was treated as fairly as possible.

"We have gone through the fine detail and numbers with YUSU and the complainant, who, at the end of that process, had accepted the value for work done at £238 and a total of £638.

"When you consider the practice of recruiting a rep consists of asking, 'Would you like to be a rep for this event? Click on the URL and login,' I'm sure you appreciate just how little was done. This wasn't a case of us disputing one or two reps in order to pay targets-work simply wasn't done."

Jay said: "It had become my opinion that the individual thought that he could use York Parties' relationship with YUSU as a reason to not do the required work of hit targets, but still be paid for it."

However, another previous York Parties Brand Manager, also speaking under conditions of anonymity, was adamant that payments had been withheld from numerous promoters and other Brand Managers.

He said: "Ask anyone who promotes in York or knows anything about York's nightlife about York Parties, and they will say to you, 'Oh, are they the ones who don't pay?'".
Kallum Taylor, YUSU President, was involved in negotiations between York Parties and the complainant. He told Nouse: "At this time of year - when we're looking at who to work with for next year's club nights - we should be really careful with these complaints especially as we've only actually received one. If people have a genuine issue they should hit us up and we'll look into it.

"On the one complaint we did receive - because there was no contract - I made no assurances that we'd get them 'their money' but instead said we'd do everything we could, which was pretty hard given that barely any targets had been met.

"Beyond those that had been met, and paid for, it was one word and against another.

"York Parties were under no obligation to pay a penny more once they had paid for the targets which were met, but still offered £200 as an acknowledgement of 'something' being done above what had been paid, despite it being at best immeasurable and, at worst, questionable.

"Now however, we'll be making sure that all student staff employed by our partners for next year are under contract."

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Donald Donaldson Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

"York Parties is responsible for promoting and running the three YUSU-sponsored club nights: Kuda Tuesday, Tokyo Thursday and Vodka Revolution Sunday".

No, they do Salvation Wednesdays, not Tokyo Thursdays. The clue is in the 'York Parties' logo on all the promo material. A* for effort, though.


Anonymous Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

Also York parties are employed directly by YUSU! get your facts right then write the article!


Lucy Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

They're still fraudulent with awful nights

David Davidson Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

Absolutely rediculous! Money hungry selfish monster. It's not hard to pay people for their services. He should lose any involvement with YUSU, he's a discrace to York's nightlife and student involvement! It's a shame there is a few back handed brown envelopes to the people at the top. If he can afford to do that then he should be paying the people below him!


Andy Sharp Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

He has nothing to do with Tokyo Thursday. Henceforth, it's the best night. York Parties are cringy cheese on toast nights.. And some carp gimmick once a year


Jenny Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

Before you say it no I'm not a fake person, I am called Jenny and I do go to YUSU.
I presume you work for Toyko? With this statement it's clearly true. Just have a few comments actually- me and the girls decided to come to your Thursday night and quite frankly it was a total waste of our PS4 and the walk to the venue! Maybe you should actually have a 'carp gimmick' (think you meant 'crap'*) to make it more interesting. We stayed for a grand total of 10 minutes before deciding to move on. I think you should actually go to a few of York Parties nights and take a note pad? I LOVE Sunday Revs- by far the best night. Try there and feed back to Tokyo. Also when asking for our PS4 back your staff were incredibly rude to us!


@adamjay Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

"I'm not a fake person"& "I do to YUSU"= bullshit

Sarah Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

Wow this is a bit obvious. Round of applause for the competitors trying underhand tactics here. I know the York Parties guys and they've always been fantastic to me and our club. It's common knowledge that both people who are quoted in this article are employed by rival events and one was sacked by York Parties. Of course, I'm sure they're totally unbiased and have no agenda at all


Adam Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

Who was sacked?


James Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020's the time of year that club nights get done for next year and all of a sudden people who have an interest in another club go to the student press?! Well done nouse, you've been well and truly had. Your nothing more than a comic and or in someone's pocket


Phil k Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

I worked for these guys in my 1st and 2nd years, no problems getting paid, they even brought my money to me! Maybe because I actually did what I was paid to do? Not mince around campus doing anything but. You know who you are. Just a thought


Jennifer Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

^ Well done the York Parties guys for responding... Fake


Me. Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

Oh shut up, you bunch of idiots.


Hugo T. Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

I worked as a rep under the Kuda and the Revs Brand Managers and I know what they've been through!! I didnt get paid either even after countless calls/texts for it!

I don't think YorkParties are needed for any of the "nights" they do. They give absolutely nothing to the York nightlife scene and I hope YUSU get rid of them; anybody could do the job they do. They get so much money for being nothing but the middle man.


Steve Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

These horrible guys can't keep going round making students look bad for their own gain. This is greed and they are pigs. One easy option: Get rid of them and their affiliation with YUSU! They're making YUSU look bad!!


Jenny Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

Please do not say you go to YUSU.. I don't want to be associated with someone who uses vocabulary like 'horrible guys' 'they are pigs' #cringeoverload


Steve Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

stop typing jenny you idiot, it's pretty basic vocab. How does one 'go to YUSU' and why are you hashtagging in the Nouse comments section..?

Jenny Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

WOW! Sounds like a few nasty bitter people trying to air their dirty laundry on here.
If you don't put the work in you don't get paid- simples! Any genius can work out from these comments that the people who got sacked obviously want to make people go to (in my opinion the WORST venue for a night out) Thursday at Tokyo. This isn't news at all- Looks like Aaron Stennett needs to stop printing idle gossip and actually find something worth reading.


Ron burgundy Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

You guys are arguing in the comments here, but has anyone f**king seen baxter?

There are more important issues at hand people.


Jenny's Mum Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

Looks like Jenny isn't Jenny and could possibly be involved with those in question... If not the question..


Adam Gay Posted on Friday 28 Feb 2020

Our nights are the best nights in York and every other night is pretty bad in comparison. I mean, just take SUNDAYS @ REVS for example, it's THE BIGGEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR EVERY SUNDAY!!!!!! What more could you ask for? I give reps 50p a person and personally make PS3.50+ from each person. I come out of each night with a couple grand and each rep goes home with PS2.50. It's all smiles!


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