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Campus style: what are you wearing?

Dhechen Lama, Halifax First Year, studying English Literature

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photoToday I chose to wear my new pointed flats from Primark; I have recently embraced the pointed shoe even if they might make my feet look flipper-esque. I paired them with my H&M top, these topshop "Mom" jeans which I am currently loving and truly don't plan on wearing skinny jeans ever again. My gold flower Bracelet is from Topshop and my little box bag is another Primark purchase. I do love Primark, not only is the price rather attractive but also the accessories they have are really great as there is so much choice and they don't look cheap.

I am inspired by Bip Ling and Altanta de Cadenet, as I like my look to be mixed up, it sometimes can mean I look quite wacky as I want to wear all the things I love at once; who wants to compromise? I used to look to blogs, such as 'song of soil', but it was really time consuming and blogs tend to be written by adults who have more money so becomes really unrealistic. I prefer to consult the street style sections of magazines which are amazing; Gratiza in particular are great at finding really naturally fashionable people. If I could look like them on the street I'd be so happy! I have recently fallen in love with "Mom" jeans because they compliment my figure and are so comfy, skinny jeans are a thing of the past. If I wear something 'baggy' on the bottom than I'll go tighter or cropped on the top to balance it out.

In terms of fashion faux pas' I really wouldn't wear black and navy together; in honesty it gives me the shivers as they just don't go in my mind. I don't think there are rules in fashion but black leggings, of the see through variety, just aren't trousers!
I am by no means a fashion guru but if I had to give advice to anyone it would be don't dress for other people, that might sound like a contradiction as everyone wants to be complemented on their outfit choices, but what I mean is don't wear what you think you should wear. We might as well wear what we want now when we're young and can get away with it.

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