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Stray horse spotted on campus

Security services were left baffled when a horse was found on campus on Tuesday morning

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Campus security services were left completely baffled on Tuesday morning after a horse was found to be freely roaming the campus.

The animal was spotted horsing around between the library bridge and Vanbrugh. Passers-by noted that it was particularly attracted to the Berrick Saul building, probably because the structure's wooden cladding closely resembles a stable.

Security were soon called to the furore as they attempted to contain the beast. However, their efforts were to little avail, with the YUSU Instagram account publishing a photo of a defeated security officer trying to follow the perturbed animal.

Eventually, a lady from the Registry Services, known only as Anna the horse whisperer, managed to calm and catch the horse so that it could be returned to its rightful owner.


The horse was certainly the mane attraction for most students on the Heslington West campus this morning. Thankfully, the horse did not have to wait furlong before its owner arrived to collect it, although it had certainly been a mare for Security Services to deal with.

When asked for a response by Nouse, the horse simply replied with "nay".

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Fennelly stalker Posted on Wednesday 11 Jun 2014

Fennelly was the ideal candidate to right an article on such a hilarious topic. Top job.


Ex-Horse Posted on Friday 13 Jun 2014

I think the author of this article was flogging something


Ex-horsetion Posted on Saturday 14 Jun 2014

One might even say that the topic had ex-horseded itself.