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The secret to glowing skin

Emily Russell puts forward her opinion on Skinade, beauty's new recipe for flawless skin.

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Like so many others, I have spent hours pouring over celebrities' flawless, makeup-less, post work-out photos. Millie Mackintosh is no stranger to a dewy skinned selfie on Instagram, but she accounts her flawless skin to a little more than a Sunday morning jog. She, and the likes of Laura Whitmore, Lucy Watson and Lauren Goodger have recently been promoting the new beauty must have: Skinade. When my friend got her hands on a course of the stuff, and passed them immediately on to me, instead of taking offence I ran straight to the kitchen to mix myself a glass.

Beauties' potential new Holy Grail comes in bottle form or travel sized sachets which can be quickly diluted in cold water. The product promises "younger, healthier and better-looking skin", and with weeks of pot noodles and sleepless library sessions on the horizon, I wouldn't say no to that. Kindly, the spiel on the packet tells me that we lose one per cent of collagen from our skin annually. I really can't argue with frown inducing, pseudo-science like that.

This miracle juice tastes surprisingly like watered down Lucozade that's been sat on the windowsill for an afternoon too long, but for something that promotes the body's natural collagen production you really cannot complain. After a quick look on Skinade's website I'm informed that my "fibroblasts" will become more dense (who knew they needed any help!) and my skin will be hydrated. However, I'm not sure what's harder to swallow; the scientific jargon and statistics on the website or the price tag it comes with. At £90 for a 30 day course, it definitely isn't a sustainable method of skin care for most/any students, but then what is expensive for celeb-worthy skin? It's definitely worth a try.

Skinade promises visible results for the skin, hair and nails; the website features pictures of multiple user success stories. It really would be wonderful if just a cup of this after breakfast everyday could make such a big difference.

Alternatively, a large glass of water every morning instead of fizzy pop or a black coffee would promote hydration for the skin, and that's completely free! Add a slice of lemon and nature promises you a boost to the immune system, clearer skin and whiter teeth. A trip to the greengrocer may not be as trendy as this new super-product, but it's recommended by far more health professionals than any fad drink or tablet.

For a £90 product, I'm hoping for clearer, more hydrated skin that hasn't been ravaged by exam stress. Only time will tell if this course works, but there's always lemon water and YSL Touche Eclat for me if all that swigging has gone to waste.


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