NUS Referendum set for week 7

The University will hold a referendum on whether York should still be affiliated with the National Union of Students.

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A referendum on whether YUSU should remain affiliated to the NUS is due to be held in week 7.

This follows the recent disaffiliation of the University of Oxford's Student Union from the NUS, joining other universities such as Imperial College London, Queen Margaret London, and Southampton.

Tom Morgan, a third year politics student, is running the No campign, arguing that York should disaffiliate. He said: "the fact that universities such as Oxford, Southampton and Imperial have left the NUS just shows how more and more students are realising how undemocratic and absurd the Union is.

"We aren't allowed to know half the policies they make concerning us, they make alcohol more expensive and they are a breeding ground for career politician labour students."

Kallum Taylor, YUSU President, is set to run the Yes campaign. He argued why YUSU should remain affiliated to the NUS, telling Nouse: "The financial reasons are strong, and the political ones are acceptable... But you're never always going to get everything you want in an organisation with over 7 million members!

"People who use one or two unsatisfactory things the NUS might do to push for exit are being really, really unreasonable and likely chasing their own ideological fantasy.

"It's simple really; overall, we're much better off being in and playing an active role in the National Union of Students."

YUSU faced criticism last year after their decision to take part in the NUS organised DEMO2012. Around 300 out of 5000 protesters were York students. An NUS report on the demonstration stated that "there was no measurable positive impact of the demo and no changes in local or national policy that can be attributed to it" despite costing £155,000.

Voting opens Wednesday week 7 and closes Wednesday week 8.

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2 Comment

Anon Posted on Monday 6 Jul 2020

Only it turns out Oxford didn't disaffiliate after all -


Disgruntled Posted on Monday 6 Jul 2020

"there was no measurable positive impact of the demo and no changes in local or national policy that can be attributed to it" - A quote from Labour Students, who did their utmost to sabotage the demo both before and afterwards.


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