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Album Review: Foxes - Glorious

Foxes' new album is enjoyable but lacks impact. Hatti Linnell reviews.

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foxes glorious

After a long wait, the Southampton-born songstress Louisa Allen, better known as Foxes, is releasing her debut album. Foxes has been floating around the British music scene for some time, but had received little attention until about twelve months ago. From following her music since her first EP, Warrior, back in 2012, it is interesting to see how Allen's music style has evolved and changed.

Glorious was originally slated for release earlier in the year, but has been pushed back for reasons unexplained. Following the smash-hit success of Allen's collaboration with Zedd, 'Clarity', Allen will be keen to assert herself as an artist in her own right.

The album has a confusing quality of being consistently good but lacking in any memorable traits. Many of the songs seem to merge together, and although they are loveable in their own right, it would be a tall order to mentally recall them even after hearing them five or six times. The cause of this may be the album's theme; as the album is very much about being a fun-loving twenty-something, the songs pull this off with varying levels of success. Her previous single 'Youth' is one of these, with its euphoric lyrics and melodies already capturing the attention of many. While other songs like 'Glorious' and 'Holding onto Heaven' are still good, but just don't have the tenacity to make them really great pop songs.

Worse are songs like 'Night Owls Early Birds', which get lost in the middle of the album somewhere. The lyrics 'do the walk of shame in your best dress, put your hands in the air, even though I'm still sleeping' fall flat in Allen's tones, as her voice unfortunately lacks the character to make the song interesting, especially against a boring bass guitar backing.

Although most of the songs are upbeat, I think some of Allen's best work on this record comes through in her quieter, piano-based songs, such as 'Count the Saints' and 'Night Glo'. Her voice is strong throughout, but I think it is showcased the best in singing emotionally intense lyrics such as 'love isn't always fair,/ but that's no reason to be so cruel to me'.

Overall, the album was disappointing to listen to. Allen has not built on the exciting and original sounds that she first conveyed in songs like 'White Coats' back on her 2012 EP, but has simultaneously failed to write a song that will come close to the success of her collaboration with Zedd. As much as I want Foxes to succeed, I am not convinced that she will as her songs lack the je-ne-sais-quoi that turns pop songs from good to unforgettable.

Listen to: White Coats, Youth, Let Go For Tonight, Count the Saints.

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7 Comment

Dominic Diep Posted on Sunday 12 Jul 2020

I concur with this review. It seems as though the singles have been the most memorable songs on the album, and the rest seem too derivative to make the album as a whole one which effectively displays her clear musical talents. Maybe a more consistently darker musical theme shown in 'Youth' would have suited her debut better.


Meg Posted on Sunday 12 Jul 2020

I don't understand the harsh review. This is my absolute favorite album and Night Owls, Early Birds happens to be my favorite song from it. I believe this is a very unfair review as I have heard all the songs and believe the exact opposite of what you are saying. Foxes has a unique and beautiful way of bring these songs to life and her voice is in no way 'flat'. I understand that reviewing is obviously your career but maybe you shouldn't be using it to put down someone else's. Foxes has gone through a lot of time and effort for this album and most people enjoy it (read some other reviews for once). I strongly encourage you to listen to the album again as it sounds like you just went through the songs once and really quickly to get this review done so your boss didn't nag you about it.


Shut up, Meg Posted on Sunday 12 Jul 2020

You may not agree with the review - at the end of the day, its all subjective so nobody is right or wrong - but there's no point in speculating about how the writer came to her conclusions and having a go at her just because she has a different opinion to you. She is supposed to be honest in her assessments of albums so if that means putting someone down, that how it has to be. If she just said everything was great, she would have no credibility and the reviews would be pointless. Also, to accuse her of never reading other reviews is ridiculous because you have no idea about her personal life and its also a stupid thing to say because why would you base your review of an album on someone else's review?? Foxes will, in all likelihood, not read this review or be affected by it, but the writer will read your comment and could be affected by it. The review isn't overly harsh - the worst thing she said was that the album was disappointing - and is just the writer's personal, honest opinion so don't get so upset next time you find that somebody doesn't agree with you and make sure you have facts to back up any claims about someone.

P.s. "I understand that reviewing is obviously your career" Really? its a STUDENT paper. Of course its not her career you mug - she won't even get paid for it. It's just a hobby which I'm sure is enhanced by the criticism from people like you.

Foxes4Lajf Posted on Sunday 12 Jul 2020

Get a life... u suck eggs!


Kidjef Posted on Sunday 12 Jul 2020

Negative review from a mega fan of Noah and the Whales? Uhm..
Haven't heard Glorious yet, but I'll bet it's actually f***ing amazing.


Foxes4Lajf Posted on Sunday 12 Jul 2020

it is!


You Clearly Don't Get It Posted on Sunday 12 Jul 2020

"the album is very much about being a fun-loving twenty-something" .....
Please, don't try to rate art if you don't understand it. Thank you ...


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