York residents subjected to 'horrific' noise by University fantasy role players

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Society's Live Action Roleplaying events have been upsetting locals.

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A group of York locals have complained that they are being subjected to "totally horrific" noise by a group of University of York students every Sunday afternoon, alarming children and the elderly.

In a letter sent to Nouse, YUSU and Jane Grenville, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University, the Newland Park Drive Residents Association (NPDRA) complain of a "totally horrible racket" which can be heard every Sunday "right up and down Newland Park Drive" and sometimes from as far as Thief Lane.

According to the letter, this screaming and shouting is "very alarming" for residents, who enjoy spending their Sunday afternoons doing "a bit of gardening". The letter also claims that "even the students living in this street cannot tolerate the appalling noise and want them to go elsewhere".

The NPDRA also added: "It is not pleasant trying to explain to a six year old what 'Fuck you' actually means."

They refused to attach any of their names to the letter, explaining that they were "afraid of intimidation".

They suggested that the Medieval Society may be responsible for the noise who, according to the letter, "actually state on their website that part of their activities is shouting". However, Nouse has since confirmed that the noise is coming from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society's Live Action Roleplay (LARP) events, which take place every Sunday near Newland Park Drive.

LARP games are set in fictional, often fantasy worlds, and players interact with one another in character, acting out battles and other events. According to the Society's website, LARP can be described as "cross-country pantomime" and "may well involve wearing costumes and possibly armour, and whacking people with latex swords".

One member of the NPDRA complained of hearing someone shouting "be as intimidating as you can and make as much noise as you can".

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Society were unaware of any complaints until contacted by Nouse. YUSU also claim to have not received the letter, which asks the Union to "find out which society it is and ask them to play their horrible noisy games elsewhere" and threatens to involve the police if nothing is done about the issue.

In response to the letter the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society told Nouse: "We obviously take this complaint very seriously. LARP can often deal with heightened emotions and drama, so it is occasionally possible for noise levels to become an issue.

"An email was sent out to all LARPers shortly after receiving news of this complaint and we will ensure that noise is reduced as far as possible from now on.

"It is also our intention to personally communicate with the Newland Park Drive Residents Association to achieve the most friendly and positive resolution to this issue possible."

Kallum Taylor, YUSU President, commented: "Before we take any steps we're going to have to speak to the society and see what they're saying as well.

"Whenever we get this kind of complaint there's usually an easy compromise to be found.

"Whilst we want to support our students in doing whatever they're interested it, we'll always do what we can to avoid that clashing with the local community.

"I'd be surprised if the society in question thought differently to that, and we'll sit down with them in due course."

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...If you know what I mean. #LARP


Gimmers Posted on Friday 9 May 2014

Sorry, I'm not actually in LARP, but I do slay some fantasy monsters in the fields behind Newland Park Drive (and parks in Lancaster) and they can be rather loud. I'll try keep it down from now on.


Yuh Posted on Tuesday 20 May 2014

A wizard's staff has a knob on the end.


Zofia 'Duckface' Posted on Wednesday 21 May 2014

I just want to know when someone is going to put a stop to my incessant quacking.


Jane Posted on Sunday 5 Oct 2014

There is noise that resembles a football match on a far too regular basis coming from students in Newland Park Drive, last year and now this!!! Fed up with it and general noise from students..How can we resolve please??