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York Sport Union condemned for 'inappropriate' tweet calling Lancaster fans 'retards'

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The tweet from the York Sport Union account
The tweet from the York Sport Union account

Thomas Ron, YUSU Disabled Students Officer, has expressed his disappointment at a tweet from the official York Sport Union account branding Lancaster supporters as 'retards'.

The tweet was posted in relation to a court invasion during the Netball 3rds game that Lancaster won 33-24 and read: "Lanc supporters just flooded the court before the final whistle. they may have won but the clearly lack brain cells #retards #awkward #simplemaths". The tweet has since been deleted.

Ron described the tweet as "inappropriate and rude" and personally asked Cass Brown to remove it. He later added: "Ableism is a problem in Sport and I know Cass is as against it as I am. It is deleted now and I know that Cass takes a dim view of ableism and I am happy she acted so quickly to delete it. I hope that initiatives like the key contacts scheme will serve to fight these instances and end ableism in sport."

The account, which has 1,158 followers, is run by the York Sport Committee, all of whom have had access to the account over the Roses weekend. As such it is currently unclear who posted the tweet. Cass Brown, York Sport President, said "I apologise for any offence caused and we will be investigating the tweet following Roses. I hope we can all go on and support the York teams competing over the rest of the weekend".

Lancaster are currently leading the annual Roses tournament 83-62.

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T.Ruth Posted on Saturday 3 May 2014

Nice personal attack there Mr P.Enis, I think Cass has been brilliant all year and can't always be accountable for the actions of other individuals. Physio has been great, we've had more promotions than ever AND more bucs points. She has rightfully been given a second term - hope you enjoy it ;)


Observer Posted on Sunday 4 May 2014

Interestingly tron thinks it's ok because the tweet was deleted. Not concerned with punishing the person who did it


@Observer Posted on Sunday 4 May 2014

That might be because Cass has promised to investigate it


Lance Armstrong Posted on Sunday 4 May 2014

This is definitely Gimmers.


Mark Cavendish Posted on Monday 5 May 2014

Not guilty


Anonymous Posted on Sunday 4 May 2014

This shows how shit the SU are


Bradley Wiggins Posted on Tuesday 6 May 2014

There is only one person who could have written this tweet..... #youhavemyaxe


Nade Jaylor Posted on Friday 9 May 2014

Who cares that it was me. I got away with it because I am on York Sport Committee