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York students sign up residents to 'Bite the Ballot' and vote

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Students took to the streets on Saturday to help register hundreds of people in York to vote.

Photo Credit: bitetheballot.co.uk
Photo Credit: bitetheballot.co.uk

Dozens took part in the day of action across the city, which aimed to sign up 100,000 people across the country ahead of the May 22nd European elections by mobilising over 4,000 grassroots campaigners.

The organisation running the campaign, Join the Vote, is a non-partisan coalition headed by 38 Degrees and Bite the Ballot, and supported other pro-democracy charities with the aim of getting people engaged with the political process.

Over 50 per cent of 16-24 year olds are not registered to vote in the UK, making up a significant proportion of the 6.5m citizens who aren't on the Electoral Register.

Students in student halls are currently automatically registered by the university to vote. However, those living off campus will need to check whether they are registered with electoral.services@york.gov.uk or 01904 551007 if they have not received a polling card by now. The last day to register is the 6th April.

Haydn Cornish-Jenkins, a 2nd year PPE Student who was taking part in Join the Vote, said the campaigners were "passionate about democracy and believe that more people should be registered to vote in order to hold politicians accountable.

"As a PEP student I'm passionate about politics, but I understand that many people are disillusioned as they think no one represents them. I'll be encouraging people to spoil their ballots if this applies to them, as lots of people spoiling their ballots shows the government that people care but aren't happy with their representation.

"In YO10 there were about five students who were volunteering, all of whom want to improve our democracy. I think this is a great way to give to the local community and create a bond with my neighbours (some of which may not love us for being students!)."

To register to vote visit aboutmyvote.co.uk.

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GA Posted on Wednesday 16 Jan 2019

"The last day to register is 6th April". I'm guessing this is meant to say May or why was this article published on 30th April about recent campaigns...


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