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Album Review: Kaiser Chiefs - Education, Education, Education and War

Katie Woodard is left underwhelmed by the British rockers' fifth studio release.

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Kaiser Chiefs have never again achieved the success of their 2005 album, Employment. While later albums have not picked up as much success, they have been able to produce the odd single to push its way into the charts, with some even pushing their way into the top 20 such as 'Ruby' and 'Modern Way'.

Now Kaiser Chiefs have released their new album with the catchy title Education, Education, Education and War. It is the first album recorded with a new drummer Vijay Mistry after previous drummer and chief songwriter Nick Hodgson left the band in 2012. His departure left many fans wondering what the future held for the band. The music has not strayed from what we have come to expect from Kaiser Chiefs.

The track 'Misery Company' has a tenacious hook with its powerful lyrics "It's hard to believe that I smile in my sleep/ cause everyone leaves me/ I'm so hard to keep company". Although Wilson has nothing wildly original to say about the modern state and the unpleasing laughter that marks the track is something new for Kaiser Chiefs, the rest of the song falls in line with the punk pop that created popular tracks such as 'I Predict A Riot'.

Elsewhere, the problem of delivering an album that is consistently strong from start to finish is a hard task which Kaiser Chiefs unfortunately failed to achieve on this album. While tracks such as 'Coming Home' and 'The Factory Gates' are perfectly dependable, they are not particularly memorable when compared to the likes of 'Ruby'. The same can be said of 'Meanwhile Up In Heaven' or 'Cannons', with both tracks essentially highlighting cracks in the album.
Whether this album will provide the success of Kaiser Chiefs' debut is yet to be seen. Whilst not every track hits the mark, the album highlights the passion for music the band has through its lyrics.

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