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Best of April Fools' Day 2014

This year's top April Fools' jokes from around campus and on the web

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With every April Fools' Day I'm either completely caught out or bitterly disappointed. Sometimes it takes a conscious effort to look past the barrage of pranks that companies and the media try to slip past you each year. (Or, as I did with news of the Holy Grail supposedly being found, you start to assume that every news article is an April Fools' joke).

But whether you've been fooled or not this year, here are some of the most entertaining stories from on campus and around the web. Plus don't forget to check out Nouse's own April Fools' story!

'Raucous Laughter Zone'


Those spending their holidays studying in York were treated to an interesting new initiative launched by the University library. 'Raucous laughter zones' were introduced today, along with a strict ban on egg sandwiches. I'm sure if that even if this wasn't an April Fools' joke, the suitable allowances of gin, biscuits and cake as York students enter exam season next month would be widely appreciated.

'Prince Harry to read History of Art from September'

York Vision reported this morning that Prince Harry will start an MA in History of Art this autumn. Though it's unlikely any York students will have fallen for the story (especially those well-trained to previous years' scarily believable stories of Willow closing and Lancaster pulling out of Roses), there's certainly a level of credibility for those outside the University. "Prince Harry is yet to comment publicly" - Flora Sipol strikes again.

'New species of duck discovered on campus'

The Yorker's attempt at April Fools is fun, but defies any level of believability. Their article reports that a new species of duck (which is "likely to be named Mallkym, after an Albanian zoologist") was discovered on campus. Despite sounding like a dodgy definition your uncle would come up with in a game of Balderdash, the attribution of pH levels in the University lake to this "mutated" form of the common Mallard at least reminds us of how disgusting the lake truly is.

Catch 'em all with Google Maps


Technology giant Google is well known for its elaborate hoaxes every April Fool's Day. But their Google Maps update for Android and iPhone that allows users to catch Pokemon on their travels is one of their most interactive hoaxes so far. Those who catch all 150 Pokemon and complete the Pokemon Challenge will be in the running for the Pokemon Master job title. Though obviously fictitious, the Maps mini-game is satisfying in its own right for Pokemon lovers and smartphone users everywhere.

Scotland independence gags

The prospect of Scottish independence this year has been something that many of the national papers have poked fun at. From The Independent's exclusive report on UN peacekeeping plans to the Daily Mail's reveal of a secret Scotland-free Union Jack flag, it seems the anticipation of a 'Yes' vote in the referendum has been a popular news piece among UK headlines.

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