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Album Review: Metronomy - Love Letters

Katie Woodard tells us why we should take a look at Metronomy's latest.

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Metronomy's new album 'Love Letters' brings a theme which holds on to their distinct sounds with an updated and more modern feel. They still have that 'sit on the beach in the sunshine' feel which we saw in one of their previous albums 'The English Riviera'. From the very beginning with The Upsetter you can hear the background repetition which is very Metronomy. The song which really stuck in my head is "I'm Aquarius" which has a fantastic futuristic feel and catchy chorus which really makes this album feel like a step up from their last one.

Metronomy have certainly played around with the synth button in this album and each song seems to be an exploration into a different synth pattern. This works really well for them and keeps you bobbing along. "Love Letters", the song the album is named after is one of the best on there; having a very different feel with a trumpet intro which blasts into a catchy 80's feeling song - certainly not what I was expecting after the first 20 seconds. There seems to be a crazy mix of songs, variety of tempos and sounds which give this album a distinctly 80's early disco feel with a hint of futuristic synth. It's one to listen to whilst putting on your makeup in the morning or sat in the sun having a BBQ!

"The Most Immaculate Haircut" however is a weak link in the album which made for an uncomfortable song as it didn't seem to fit within the album, maybe they needed a filler. Luckily this is quickly followed by "Reservoir" which carries the typical upbeat and tingly sound which Metronomy are famous.

Thus, the new album overall shows the classic signatures of Metronomy. If you were a fan before you will certainly be a fan of this.

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