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Infographic: University spent PS50k hiring new VC as long-term trend points to pay rise

Over PS46,000 was spent recruiting the new V-C and the long-term trend of senior staff pay means he will be looking at a pay rise

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The new Vice-Chancellor, who has just taken office, cost nearly £50,000 to recruit, Nouse can reveal.

The previous VC leaves with a reputation for expenses, lavish perks and high salaries but an analysis reveals that this trend could continue beyond 2014. According to figures the number of staff on six figure salaries has increased from one in 2003 to 32 in 2013 while the new VC's salary could be more than £100k higher than it was ten years ago.

The University spent £46,548 on recruiting the new Vice-Chancellor, £388 of which was on hotels for Koen Lamberts. The University has refused on several occasions to disclose the salary of the new Vice-Chancellor, or to break down recruitment costs further.

However the long-term trend of VC's pay hints that the new VC has received a pay rise.

Lamberts will receive a salary of at least £230,000 if he receives a rise equal to inflation on the current VC's salary but if it was to be in line with current rises in the rest of the sector, and the average increase of the VC's salary over ten years, it is likely to be even higher.

Adding on pension contributions, expenses, and recruitment costs, the new VC will have cost £300k for his first year in charge. In 2011/12 the VC claimed £33,000 in expenses.

In comparison the £50k recruitment cost is more than five students' tuition fees, double the amount spent on art for Heslington Hall earlier this year, and around the same amount gained in parking fines by the University.

Cost of recruiting VC compared

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Recently it was revealed that the number of staff earning six figure salaries, including the VC had had jumped from 21 to 32.

However ten years ago only one employee earned over £100k and in 2007 only three staff took home six figure sums.

Despite YUSU's criticisms of the management structure being 'uncomfortably top heavy', the University say the increases were necessary. They added that it should be considered that the University's total income increased from £256m to £286m.

A spokesperson commented: "The University benchmarks its salaries against competitor institutions. The salaries paid to senior academic and other staff are on average in line with those of its competitors, as a brief glance at their accounts will show."

Look at the chart below to see the trend in the salaries of senior staff.

Staff earning over six figures

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The Vice-Chancellor's salary has risen consistently over the last ten years. Now it is well over £200k but it hasn't always been like that, even as recently as 2007 it was £178,000. Take a look at the comparison on the chart below.

VCs salary over ten years

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SS1260 Posted on Friday 17 Jan 2014

@Neil Johnston

So this is meant to be a big scandal is it?
You are scraping from the bottom of the barrel.


Awww... Posted on Sunday 19 Jan 2014

Did someone just want an excuse to play with infogr.am?