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TV Review: Made in Chelsea - series 6

Made in Chelsea's sixth series boasts of love triangles, drama and fall-outs to match its predecessors. Alexandra Nawrat reviews

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Made In Chelsea Year 6Made in Chelsea is a reality TV programme about a group of well-off young adults and their lives in Chelsea. It is too simplistic to say they are a group of friends because who is talking to who constantly changes, but that is part of the show's charm. It is extremely addictive, proved by the fact it has managed to continue for 6 series and now has its own online accompaniment, Mad on Chelsea.

The series begins with a very detailed recap of the last series. The producers do this extremely well, which is important seeing as it is such an eventful show and there is a 9-month gap between series. Then the cast are at an extravagant pool party, undoubtably making those of us stuck in the ever-freezing England increasingly jealous, and as usual cue the drama. It is also where we meet the first four new cast members: Miffy, Freddie, Belle and Tiffy. The first three quickly disappear, only featuring in the first episode and a few shots later on; given the fact that they added little to the storyline this may not have been a bad thing. Tiffy lasts slightly longer as a love interest for Stevie, many fans' favourite male character, appearing to be the most genuine. The forming of strong opinions about characters is natural when watching MIC. It is the kind of show where you have to take sides in the arguments, and maybe fancy them a little too, to really enjoy.

One of the main focuses of this series was Spencer Matthews, the bad boy of the show, and the girls he has been involved with in series 5 and 6. This series took a slightly different approach to Spencer's incessant cheating by filming him in a psychotherapy session talking about it as well as his interactions with exs and then current love interests. This really made him into the villain of MIC, which is saying something given the nature of the other characters. It is interesting that Spencer had such a main storyline as most of the other original cast members are being sidelined increasingly in the show.

The other main exception to that rule is Binky Felstead. Binky is the female equivalent of Stevie and has successfully managed to maintain this role. Her popularity is demonstrated whenever she is attacked, as the viewers automatically launch an angry twitter frenzy at her attacker. A good example is Phoebe. Binky's story line was based around love. For a regular watcher of MIC this is tremendously exciting as she has not been the most lucky with love so seeing her happy is lovely (do you see what I mean about the strong emotions towards characters?). This was part of the happy ending of the series and definitely will make me watch the next. This wasn't the only love story of the series, unsurprisingly as the premise of the show is romance; there was the Lucy, Jamie and Phoebe love triangle that transformed into a relationship between Lucy and Jamie. Whether or not this would be the outcome was not definite until the very last minutes of the last episode and is another reason why the next series is eagerly awaited.

It is a very energetic TV show - there is no way you could get bored when watching it - and they certainly manage to pack a lot into a series. The brilliant previously sections at the beginning of each episode make it possible to pick it up at any point. It undoubtedly comes highly recommended.

Made in Chelsea series 7 will begin next autumn but all the previous episodes are available on 4oD.

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