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The Time Lord Timeline

Michael Brennan takes us through 50 years of Doctor Who

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23/11/1963 - First episode of Doctor Who, An Unearthly Child, airs, introducing the Doctor and his time machine, the TARDIS.


- First appearance of a Dalek. The Daleks would become the most popular monster on the show, boosting its profile through 'Dalekmania'.

03/01/1970 - The first appearance of John Pertwee as the Doctor as well as marking the series' move to colour.

08/06/1974 - Unknown Tom Baker takes over the role of the Doctor and with his long scarf and big hair he becomes the most iconic Doctor worldwide.


21/03/1981 - After a record seven seasons, Baker bows out as the Doctor, taken over by Peter Davison's celery-loving incarnation.

16/03/1984 - Peter Davison leaves in "The Caves of Androzani", and is replaced by Colin Baker, whose costume made many viewers wish the show had never made the move to colour.

1985-86 - Spearheaded partly by the BBC1 controller's dislike, the show entered a hiatus. 18 months later, its return did little to improve the ratings and Colin Baker was fired from the role.

07/09/1989 - This marks the first appearance of Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor, first in a wig pretending to be Colin Baker and then, post-regeneration, as the fully-fledged Seventh Doctor.


06/12/1989 - The Doctor and his companion Ace walk into the distance together and the show's 26-year run is brought to an end.

26/11/1993 - To celebrate 30 years of Doctor Who, a special Children in Need crossover with Eastenders takes place. Some things are best forgotten.

27/05/1996 - Doctor Who returns for a TV movie starring Paul McGann as the Eigth Doctor, whose brief presence was extended by audio stories and a short prequel to the 50th episode.

27/05/2005 - Russell T Davies finally brings Doctor Who back to our screens with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. Eccleston only stayed one series, paving the way for David Tennant to guide the show through its most popular period ever.

DOCTOR WHO *embargoed 19th March*

03/04/2010 - Matt Smith's first full episode airs and guides the show into a new era alongside new head writer Steven Moffat.

23/11/2013 - Smith's final full episode before Peter Capaldi's era starts, with Zygons, Daleks, David Tennant and Billie Piper all returning to celebrate 50 years of this British institution.

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2 Comment

Going beyond time-wimey Posted on Wednesday 30 Sep 2020

I don't understand why you would mention all regenerations EXCEPT THE FIRST ONE INTO PATRICK TROUGHTON? Also, Sylvester McCoy had three seasons, he didn't start in '89. It might have been nice to have mentions of the Master, Sarah-Jane, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart et al. as these characters have in some ways made a bigger impact that individual regenerations in the series.


bloggeration Posted on Wednesday 30 Sep 2020

As cool as the idea of a "doctor who timeline" is, for this to be actually interesting there need to be two changes:

a) Considerably more detail. At the bare minimum, mention every actor who played the doctor.

b) Writing style improved to a level above that of a twelve year old fanboy.


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