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David Tennant's up and the John Lewis Christmas advert is down...

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Going Up...


David Tennant: Seeing Tennant on TV playing the Doctor again for the Who 50th is enough to make anyone squeal with glee. But alongside Matt Smith and John Hurt is just nerd heaven.

Mulled wine: Christmas celebrations should wait until December, but the warmth of mulled wine is enough to start early.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:
The 516823-screenshot_lrg_31sequel to the ever popular young adult book has just premiered with both critical and commercial success. You could say it was "catching fire"... I'll get my coat.

Eton Mess: Everyone's favourite dessert!

Brick Tamland: "I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party. " Steve Carrell's hilariously stupid character will return next month with more memorable lines in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Going Down...

John Lewis Christmas ad - video

Darkness: The nights get longer, the days get shorter, and everyone gets grumpier.

John Lewis Christmas advert:
Sorry, but this animated short was no tear-jerker. The bear would have died from being disturbed from hibernation in the grips of winter, or simply would have eaten the hare. The hype for this advert was staggering.

Photo credit: MattysFlicks
Photo credit: MattysFlicks
Terrifying Photoshop animal mashups: Should this even be a thing?

Bitstrips: Perhaps the most annoying thing to ever surface on Facebook, including Farmville. If you use it, stop - your life in cartoons isn't even worthy of a 'lol'.

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Gill Posted on Saturday 30 Nov 2013

love it!