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History of Student Life in 1000 Objects #3: the Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is the fifth limb of a student

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Credit: Kate Mitchell
Credit: Kate Mitchell

You're in a bar, buying drinks. Someone you recognise approaches you, and says hello. In your slightly intoxicated state you're wondering how the hell you know them.

Are they from your course?

Did you play against them when you finally turned up to squash club last Saturday?

Were they one of the potential BFFs you made in freshers' week but subsequently never made contact with again, apart from the occasional polite nod when you pass them on campus?

"Hey [insert name here], how did you find the lecture today?"

Good news, they're from your course! Bad news, they know your name, and you don't know theirs. You cow. To save yourself from this spiral of social awkwardness, you casually pull out your iClone, open Facebook and proceed to search through your friends list. Aha! You find their photo. Therein lies the rub. Or Rebecca, it seems. With a smug look on your face, you turn to face this fine being and say hello back, making sure that when you say their name, they hear every single syllable, just to prove what a great guy/gal you are.

Of course, your guardian angel in the five seconds it took for these events to transpire is that wonderful piece of Chinese plastic you carry around with you everywhere.

The mobile phone is the fifth limb of a student.

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klm Posted on Wednesday 27 Nov 2013

you are hvg


Meep Posted on Saturday 30 Nov 2013

Also, in that 5 seconds you spent looking at your phone without saying hello they've probably assumed you're ignoring them and you've just lost a friend for life, bro.