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TV Review: Fresh Meat - series 3 episode 3

This week, Josie and Kingsley go camping and JP enters a university quiz. Alfie Packham reviews

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This review contains spoilers.

fresh meat series 3_A2Fresh Meat's characters are unusually complex for a sit-com, but these added emotional layers prove at times to be a mixed blessing.

While we might feel compelled to continue watching the Manchester student ensemble for more than a single episode, it does leave one or two characters feeling relatively underwritten. Early in series three, these neglected characters have namely been Oregon (Charlotte Ritchie) and fresher Candice (Freya Marsay). But they have finally been given their share of the limelight in this week's episode at a university quiz, where Candice emerges as Oregon's first-year doppelganger. Candice is just as bookish, just as mildly annoying, and just might be the new class favourite of Professor Shales, Oregon's ex-lover/English lecturer. (Remember him from My Parents are Aliens?)

JP (Jack Whitehall) attempts to cheat in the same quiz to impress the event's organizer, Sam, who also happens to be the clever and funny girl he stole from Howard last episode. This of course has its amusing consequences, setting JP and Howard up for a fun rivalry which will likely span the rest of the series. Still, it would be nice to see set-pieces like these milked for even more of their comic worth.

Meanwhile, Josie and Kingsley go for a camping trip. Kingsley has more romantic intentions for the retreat than his new girlfriend; he hopes for stargazing and loving stares, while she's packed her bags with Sambuca, condoms and Kettle Chips. The couple remains relateable as a feasible anchor for the show's less feasible antics - perhaps excluding the scene where they install a human-flap in the wall between their bedrooms. You'd certainly hope so, anyway.

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