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College elections 2013

Full coverage of this year's student association and JCRC election hustings

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The Alcuin JCRC election hustings took place last night in The Courtyard. The proceedings began with speeches from the two RAG candidates, and culminated with the hotly contested position of Chair, for which five candidates were running.

Most of the positions on offer were contested, although two of the senior positions, Vice Chairperson for Welfare and Support and the position of Secretary, received no nominations. The position of IT Officer also received no candidates.

Uncontested positions included Vice Chairperson for Entertainment and Communication, LGBTQ Welfare, Disability Welfare, International Students Welfare and Ordinary Officer.

The night saw a number of candidates campaigning to retain their current position on the JCRC. Freya Squires, the current Environment and Ethics Officer, stated that she wanted to continue her work encouraging people to "share showers". Tasha McNaught, the current Creative Marketing Officer, stressed her work in helping "Alcuin to escape its boring stereotype", and insisted that she wanted to continue "revolutionising" the college.

The candidates for Sports Officers gave similar themes to their speeches, stating that they wanted to encourage more people to become involved in sport. First year students Joanne Sharpe and James Beswick highlighted the importance of "encouraging people to have a go and have fun". Two candidates for Social Officers, Anna Marsh and Michael Rowan, stressed that they want to "change the social reputation of Alcuin college", in a speech read out by current Chair, Joshua Lee.

A large number of candidates were second year students, with many highlighting the experience this has given them. Male Welfare Candidates Alistair Bochel and Josef Crowther insisted that, as second years, they are "well versed in student life". Both candidates for Female Welfare are also second year students, with Isobel Archer stating that "she wanted to give something back to the college".

The position of Treasurer received five nominations, with each stressing the importance of providing low cost events for students. Harriet Bilsby, outgoing Ordinary Officer, claimed that she wants to take on more responsibility next year, whilst Oliver Sharma stated that he wants to look after a college that has looked after him. Second year student Calum Brown stressed his plans to increase funding for sports teams, whilst Joshua Roberts stated that he wants to "cement Alcuin as the best college". The final candidate for Treasurer, Stephanie Michael, highlighted her knowledge of keeping to a tight budget through her love of shopping, in a speech read out by Joshua Lee.

The position of Chairperson also received five nominations. Bronwyn O'Neill stated that she aims to provide a realistic approach to the role, developing the success of the last JCRC. Harry Ashcroft claimed that the Alcuin JCRC has previously been accused of being too clique, and so the position of Chair should be filled by someone from outside of this circle, in order to encourage more people to become involved. Caitlin Boor, an outgoing Ordinary Officer, stated that she would be a "Chair who cares", highlighting her plans for more involvement, more community and more opportunities. Peter Gaffney claimed that "a vote for me is a vote for a Chair that combines style with substance", stressing his 8,500 word, 90 point manifesto, entitled Vision 2014. The final candidate, Lewis Ratto, stated his plans to change the current structure of the JCRC, dividing the position of Vice Chairperson for Entertainment and Communication into two roles, as well as introducing a Sponsorship Officer.

Voting Opens on Wednesday at midday, and closes on Friday. Results will be announced at the Alcuin Winter Ball.


Bronwyn O'Neill
Harry Ashcroft
Peter Gaffney
Caitlin Boor
Lewis Ratto

Vice Chairperson - Welfare and Support
No nominations

Vice Chairperson - Entertainment and Communication
James-Luca Burroughs

Harriet Bilsby
Joshua Roberts
Oliver Sharma
Stephanie Michael
Calum Brown

No nominations

Female Welfare Officer(s)
Isobel Archer
Kymrun Dhami

Male Welfare Officer(s)
Alistair Bochel and Josef Crowther
Ollie Rowley and Ian Leong
Dean Bennell

LGBTQ Welfare Officer(s)
Dom Smithies and Tess Pullen

Disability Welfare Officer(s)
Helen Cox

Campaigns Officer(s)
Anna Schmidl and Sofia Sharifah
Daniel Barker

Creative Marketing Officer(s)
Oliver P Wilson
Tasha McNaught
Lena Saraj
Joanna Ma

Social Media Officer(s)
Joanna Ma
Dean Bennell

Social Officer(s)
Anna Marsh and Michael Rowan
Aimee Wells
Joanna Ma

Merchandise Officer(s)
Stephanie Fuller, Lois Scarth and Lucy Goodyear
Joanna Ma

Sports Officer(s)
Grace Clarke
Melissa Turner
Joanne Sharpe and James Beswick

Environment & Ethics Officer(s)
Lauren Finney
Freya Squires

IT Officer(s)
Chirag Vadhia

RAG Officer(s)
Rennie Akoni
Tori Harrison

International Students' Officer(s)
Chiara Pastore and Natasha Bakhir

Ordinary Officer(s)
Lewi Jinks




Derwent's JCRC hustings were held in DBar last night, kicking off with the Alumni Representative and finishing with the hotly contested role of Chair.

Most positions on the Committee had people running for them, with only three receiving no nominations at all: Environment Representative, Ordinary Member and Webmaster. This meant that the most senior positions all had candidates, although many were left uncontested. In fact eleven of the eighteen positions that received nominations were uncontested.

Virtually all candidates emphasised their desire to maintain the college's social reputation, as one team running for Entertainment Representatives put it - everyone "loves the D".

Many members of the current team ran for new positions, each keen to emphasise their experience. Maisie Kelly, running for Alumni Representative, noted how her planning of events could help in organising more alumni activities, which are increasingly important with Derwent's 50th anniversary coming up in 2015.

It was not only events that candidates were proud of. The RAG candidates all wanted to continue the previous team's success. The candidates also wanted to try something new, with Aimee Hardy and Laura Freedman offering to do a "naked car wash". The nominees for Merchandise Representatives emphasised change, with more fun merchandise. As Paddy Reilly O'Donnell and Rob Brogan put it, Derwent should be, "the loudest, proudest and most stashed up college".

Welfare saw Ely Villanueva Iglesias and Tom Clark wanting to scale down the college, making it more intimate and approachable. They stated that they didn't want to focus on non-drinking per se but rather on the inclusion of everyone with hangover film nights and free food. Chessie Stephenson, running for Vice-Chairperson Welfare, shared this aim, saying that she wanted to offer a new kind of drop in and better non club events.

Funding for events was an underlying issue throughout the speeches. With Big D under scrutiny the Vice-Chairperson Ents candidates largely focused on the creation of more realistic events with better funding and management. Andy Bostock and Patrick Amoroso wanted inter college challenges in an effort to get international students more involved. Katie Redgrave and Laurence Walsh equally wanted to include everyone with their fun acronym of Derwent focusing on Big D, realism and "everyone".

Lastly the position of Chair was contested with four potential candidates. Sam Hickford started off the proceedings with a passionate poem in which he asked to "marry thee" Derwent. He also pushed for termly meditation sessions in the quiet place. James Fraser brought some spark to his speech comparing his role to that of an actual chair, supportive and practical, offering published minutes and block reps. Accountability and transparency were key to all nominees, with Alastair Walker claiming that with better finance the college could do a lot more, pressing for integration and a cash point in DBar. Ben Leatham shared this view, hoping to incorporate RAG experience in raising money for the college and getting people involved.

Voting is open now, and closes on Friday.


Sam Hickford
James Fraser
Ben Leatham
Alastair Walker

Vice-Chairperson Ents
Patrick Amoroso and Andy Bostock
Laurence Walsh and Katie Redgrave

Vice-Chairperson Welfare
Chessie Stephenson

Charles Wain

Lucy Winship and Andrea Bustamante

LGBT Welfare Representative
Euphemia Swanson

Sports Representatives
Anna Cook, Beth Freane, Sam Weighall and Alex Lee

Ents Representatives
Callum McClafferty, Dakota Glasgow-Simmonds, Ellie Budden and Lizzie Davies
Annabel de Grouchy, Isabel Hawkins, Tamaki Laycock and Kitty Lovegrove

Bar Representatives
Felix Aylett, Kit Lockey, Anna Newsum and Rosalie Dowding

Disability Rep
Joseph Williams

Merchandise Representative
Hugo Thompson and Jonathan Barrow
Rob Brogan and Paddy Reilly O'Donnell
Harriet Elton and Katie Gordon

RAG Representative
Laura Freedman and Aimee Hardy
Callum Shannon and Joonsoo Yi

Volunteering Representatives
Alexandra Hackitt-Anwyl and Caterina Soave
Nowrin Hossain and Selina Pope

Environment Representative
No nominations

Sponsership Representative
Nick Wright and Ben Coulburn

Ordinary Member
No nominations

International Representative
Harry Bradshaw and Amy Goodfellow
Ellen Visnes and Ioan Nedelcu

Welfare Representative
Tom Clark and Ely Villanueva Iglesias

No nominations

Press and Publicity
Barto Joly de Lotbiniere

Alumni Representative
Maisie Kelly




Despite getting off to a late start, the Goodricke hustings played out to a packed Glasshouse on Hes East on Tuesday night.

The proceedings kicked off with the role of Disability Rep. Callum, the sole nominee, emphasised the importance of improving access in clubs and bars for disabled students and how he wanted to make disability issues a top priority for the JCRC.

The position of Ents Rep was hotly contested, with all the candidates having very different visions for the future of Goodricke events. George wanted more "classy" events, such as a 1920's themed Great Gatsby night. Ben proposed a Made in Chelsea night and a communal Goodricke pre drinking session.

The possibility of a communal bike scheme was raised by Toby, the candidate for Environment and Ethics Officer. Only one of the two candidates for Female Welfare Officer was present at the hustings. Anthea spoke about continuing GoodMood and GoodFood and implementing an anonymous email system for college members to talk about their worries.

Two of the candidates for International Officer, Nicholas and Nina addressed the issue of Chinese students "sticking together" and their plans for international events to include all students while Gabriella, the other candidate for the position, emphasised the importance of including international students in fresher's week events.

The Merchandise Officers had a rather more unorthodox approach to their hustings appearance; instead of making speeches all the candidates made make-shift Goodricke merchandise from an old fresher's t shirt. Beckie modelled her version of a gilet, while Jecentha and Roisin displayed their fringed t shirts.

The sole nominee for Secretary, Hugh, the outgoing Campaigns Officer, spoke about his desire for more representation of sub committees within the JCRC and involving Boulevard freshers. The three candidates for Treasurer, Harry, Hannah and Sebastian, also spoke about greater representation of students wishes and of being able to turn any JCRC profit back towards students.

The candidates for Vice Chairperson for Democracy and Welfare both spoke about the importance of maintaining the GoodFood service. Evie talked about her experience as a Big Styc, and proposed that all Big Stycs should have compulsory first aid training. Scott spoke the need for increased study space on Hes East. Saul and Dan, the candidates for Vice Chairperson for Services, both emphasised their leadership and teamwork skills. Saul spoke about increased city trips while Dan talked about more bar crawls and better publicity for events.

The first nominee for Chair to speak was Conor, the outgoing Male Welfare Officer. He emphasised making meetings more open and accessible, integration with the Boulevard and sponsorship for sports, particularly for beginners sessions. Tara spoke about getting more study spaces on Goodricke, a late night library bus during exam time and the possibility of planting fruit trees around campus. Mitchell also spoke about the importance of sports sponsorship, as well as the issue of getting more services on Hes East. He emphasised the importance of inter college relations between Goodricke and Langwith.

Voting closes on Friday.


Mitchell Salter
Conor Bennet
Tara Annison

Vice Chairperson for Democracy and Welfare
Scott Dawson
Evie Cameron

Vice Chairperson for Services
Daniel Norris
Saul Rennison

Hugh Oatts

Hannah Quigley
Sebastian Kwong
Harry Jeffs

Male Welfare Officer
Harry Barber
Egil Voergaard Blindheim
Sam Thornton

Female Welfare Officer
Anthea Demetriou
Emilia Miteva

Campaigns Officer(s) (2)
Francessca Page

Entertainments Officer(s) (3)
Aidan Swietochowski
George de Cintra
Benedict Townsend
James Sharp

Bar(less) Officer(s) (2)
Lauren Clarke and Zoe Woodgate
Christian Morris and Lucia Simms

Sports Officer(s) (4)
Lucy Shiplee and Megan Gonsalves
Lauren Mitchell

Merchandise Officer(s) (2)
Roisin Edwards and Jecentha Shunmugam
Beckie English

Social Officer(s) (2)
Adam Walter Woodley and Denizcan Dogangonul
Lauren Oliver-Walsh

Environment and Ethics Officer(s) (2)
Toby Jones

RAG Officer(s) (4)
Shaunna Edwards

Volunteering Officer(s) (4)
Astha Saxena
Shaunna Edwards

Technical Officer(s) (4)
Amar Rana-Deshmukh

Sponsorship Officer(s)
No nominations

Creative Marketing (2)
Luke Sheard

LGBT Officer(s) (2)
Sam Stockbridge

The International Officer(s) (2)
Gabriella Demetriou
Nicholas Chu and Nina Hakovirta

Disabilities Officer(s) (2)
Callum Dziedzic

Janet Baker Court Representative(s) (2)
No nominations

Kenneth Dixon Court Representative(s) (2)
Jade Kettle

Boulevard Representatives(s) (2)
Jessica East




The Halifax JCRC election Hustings took place on Tuesday night in JJ's. Although many of the candidates were running uncontested, they were questioned intensely by those attending the meeting, including the current committee members, resulting in interesting debates.

The most contested position was Ents Officer, receiving five nominations. All the candidates running for this role agreed on the importance of event branding and spoke of their ideal Halifax event as being 'festival themed'. Prina Anand stated that she wanted to change the 'bad reputation of Halifax events' while Mike Wallbank and Annie Sherratt said they planned to 'make JJ's more colourful' by holding an art's workshop there.

There were several roles that had no one running for them including Treasurer, Male Sports Officer, Male Welfare officer and RAG officer.

Female Welfare Officer candidate Jessica Kemp said that she wanted to unite women at the college by holding female only events. She also stated that she wanted to improve college security, a view shared by Vice-President for Welfare candidate Jessica Smith, who suggested that the alleyway between St Lawrence court and Heslington should be made less dangerous. Lindsay Bolton, running against Jessica for the position of Vice-President for Welfare, said that there should be more drop in sessions and specific meetings for families living in Halifax so that they can 'voice their concerns'.

Throughout the evening many of the candidates emphasised the importance of the internet in publicising events at the college. Vounteering Officer candidates, Ryan Westwell and Tilly Heydon both agreed that the volunteering web page needed to be more easily accessible to students, to better promote volunteering at the college. Press and Publicity candidate Christine Saunders focused on social media in her speech, stating that she wanted to get through to second and third years with 'relevant targeting on Facebook'
Many candidates also expressed their desire to better integrate the international students with the rest of the college. Boda Zhao, running for International Officer, hoped that celebrating foreign holidays at the college such as Chinese New Year would help to 'build a bridge' between British and international students. Ents Officer candidate Georgina Pugh echoed these views stating that to connect with international students, people needed to be 'better educated in their cultures.'

Alternative fresher's events were a heavy point of discussion too, with Vice-President for Services candidate, Ella Jarvest calling for a 'rebranding of alternative events'. Vice-President for activities candidate Rachel Wannacott went further in her speech, and criticised the prioritising of alcoholic events, which she said attached a stigma to other events.

The night ended with a speech from Loussin, candiate for the uncontested position of president of the college. Her ideas included a redesign of JJ's and a traditional college sports day were aimed at improving Halifax's 'college spirit'. She also said that she planned to increase turnout to events by organising them further in advance and to put photos of the committee up in every kitchen, so that members were more easily recognisable.

Voting closes on Friday.


Loussin Torah Pilikian

Vice-President for Services
Conor McPherson
Ella Jarvest

Vice-President for Welfare
Jessica Smith
Lindsay Bolton

Vice-President for Activities
Rachael Wonnacott

Jake Strong

No nominations

Male Welfare officer
No nominations

Female Welfare officer
Jessie Kemp

Second and Third Year Liaison Officer
Rebecca Smith and Ben Rumsey
Alexandra Bannon

Access officer
James Tracey
Josh Salisbury

LGBT officer
Maria Viejo Romero

Student Families' officer
No nominations

Mature Students' officer
No nominations

Ents Officer
Georgina Pugh
Prina Anand
Mike Wallbank and Annie Sherratt
Connor Stoner
Kieran Mullen

Website Officer
No nominations

Sponsorship officer
Rachel Smith

Merchandise officer
No nominations

Press and Publicity officer
Shreya Rughani
Christine Saunders

Environment officer
No nominations

Volunteering officer
Ryan Westwell
Tilly Heydon

Ordinary officer
Sarah Roughton
Jenny Bunga

International Officer
Boda Zhao

Male Sports officer
No nominations

Female Sports Officer
Charlotte Pattison Hudd

Common Room Officer
No nominations

Technical Equipment officer
Alistair Bailey

RAG Officer
No nominations

St Lawrence Rep
Shaquile Noor

Younger & Ingram Rep
Brianna Kilpatrick

Lindley, Wood & Irwin Rep
No nominations

Hickleton & Ainsty Rep
No nominations

Racial Equality Officer
No nominations



James College have not held hustings for their JCRC candidates. According to acting Chair Dan Ashcroft: "We decided in our JCRC meeting to try a new system. All candidates have been given a chance to make a short video which can be sent out to all the college. We've also made an elections page as well so that anyone can ask any questions they have to the candidates."

View the James College Elections page on Facebook

Watch the candidates' videos on YouTube


Gareth Dybiec

Vice-Chair for Events
Amy Baker

Vice-Chair for Activities
Chris Warren
Rory Mercer

Vice-Chair for Welfare
Ellie Lomas
Christina Sztolin

No nominations

Emily Hudson
Molly Dennis

Events Officer
Mary Welford
Lauren Atkins
Rosie May Bird Smith
Kieran Edge

Welfare Officer
Rebecca Arnaud
James Lees
Callum Hall
Nora Wong
Natalie Carter

Disability Officer
Montana Davies-Shuck

Sports Officer
No nominations

RAG Officer
No nominations

Volunteering Rep
No nominations

International Officer
No nominations

No nominations

Mature Students Rep
No nominations

Eco Rep
No nominations

Late applications have been received for several of the positions without nominations. By-elections will be held.




Langwith's JCRC election hustings took place in a packed Glasshouse last night. Almost all roles had candidates running, and the night culminated in heated debates for positions of Vice Presidents, Deputy-President and President.

The most contested positions were Sports Officer and Sponsorship Officer(s), with each role receiving four nominations. Behind them RAG, Deputy-President and President received three nominations. Most other roles received at least two nominations, whilst a few, including Campaign Officer(s), Secretary and Vice-President for Ents, have only one candidate standing. Only the roles of Newsletter Officer(s), and two Accommodation Officer roles were left with no candidates.

Among the roles that had more time for speeches and debate, both the male and female Student Support and Wellbeing Officerships received people's attention. All four candidates standing for the roles cited that the college needs to do more to encourage students to get involve. Lee Cook, standing for the role of Chair, asked what the candidates would do to remove the stigma behind 'alternative, non-alcoholic' nights, which to some people seems to exclude rather than include and isolate people in college events as a whole. This topic was discussed in some detail in speeches by candidates standing for other roles, including Vice President for both Entertainment and Activities. There was a consensus that 'alcohol' or 'non-alcohol' needs to stop being the primary branding for events, and that more needs to be done to create innovative, inclusive events that bring the college together. Miriam Keck, who stood for Deputy-President, suggested that the next JCRC should push to create more events like this term's 'Take Me Out' night, which received huge attendance from the college.

From the speeches made by candidates standing for senior roles on the JCRC, most reflected the way Langwith students feel about living away from the main campus. Sean Gater, running for Vice-President for Entertainment, said that Langwith, Goodricke and from next year Constantine College need to work closer together to ensure that people have a reason to come to Heslington East, other than for lectures in one of the few department buildings. He suggested there should be a Heslington East festival. However, the policies that spoke for Langwith last night were those outlined by all three candidates for President: getting a health-centre and a corner-shop on the campus.

The situation regarding the accommodation mess-up this year, which saw hundreds of first-year students left without homes and put off-campus, was targeted by the candidates, especially Lee Cook, who said the next committee must focus on bringing the college together. Aside from Lee, Louis Pegg highlighted how those on the committee and in YUSU need to be more accountable and contactable to those who they represent. Symone Thompson also explained her flagship policy on bringing a 'Langwith Day' to the college, including new and inspiring events designed to get all students involved.

Voting opens Wednesday at 12 noon, and closes Friday. The final results with be called at the Langwith Winter Ball next week.


Lee 'D-Train' Cook
Louis Pegg
Symone Thompson

Deputy-President for Student Support and Community
James Buchanan
Miriam Keck
Will Murray

Vice President for Entertainment
Sean Gater

Vice President for Activities
Kiara Brennan
Charlotte Liddell

Anthony Chui
Abby Underwood

Tim Monk

Female Welfare Officer
Nicola Forest
Priya Soni

Male Welfare Officer
Edidiong Adegbola
Tom 'E-Train' Bacon

Campaigns Officer(s)
Alex Byron

Sports Officer(s) (four positions)
Tom Benney
Ruby Callister
Laura Mitchell
Millie Reed

International Officer
Marqaux Codsi
Caitlin van Rooij

LGBT Officer
Hiten Kataria

Disability and Access Officer
Calum Stewart

Off-Campus Officer(s)
Daniel Golton and Ben Gedge
Ben Watson and Nick Brightman

Volunteering Officer(s)
Jess Roberts and Alex Costanzo
Miss Favour Ime

RAG Officer(s)
Aimee Sparrow and Intuorn Hudson
Alice Thackery and Jen Garry
Rachel Wilkins and Kieran Jones

Global Action Officer
Natthani (Cat) Santini

Sponsorship Officer(s)
Alex Ighalo
Alex Scanlan and Hannah Lord
Rob Tailford and Tom Pickersgill
Matthew Taylor

Events Co-ordinator (four positions)
Kailie Cutler
Oliver Henn
Jolyon Brown

Merchandise Officer(s)
Alex Killeen

Newsletter Officer(s)
No nominations

Accommodation Officer: Sydney Smith Court
No nominations

Accommodation Officer: Phillip Brockbank Court
Lara Demirci

Accommodation Officer: John West Taylor Court
No nominations

Accommodation Officer: Gordon and Francesca Horsfield Court
Bradley Chalker




Vanbrugh JCRC Hustings began in V/045 last night but moved to Vanbrugh Common Room for the final position of Chair.

The Merchandise Representative candidates, Olivia Tadman and Lauren Ielden stood together for the role. Amongst wanting to get hip-flasks they said that Vanbrugh merchandise was overpriced; eliciting outraged cries from the current post holders.

Casey Murphy was the sole candidate for Environment and Ethics Rep. She stated that she wanted Vanbrugh to wait until it was dark and watch the stars together, to celebrate Earth Day.

Disability and Access Welfare Representative saw three candidates vying for the role. Benjamin Green stated that he would try and make use of the alumni network of disabled students to help current students to find suitable careers. Naomi Barrow wanted to build upon the community that already exists amongst disabled students and didn't fail to mention her connection to York BNOC Thomas Ron.

Mr Ron, who attended the hustings, wasted no time in coercing the candidates into agreeing to attend his weekly meetings.

The two candidates running for the position of Bar/Music Rep stood together. Toby Churchley, a first year, said he would like to rearrange the furniture in V-bar for the jazz night. Paul Scarlett, between sharing his dance moves on stage, said that he would look into getting Sky TV into V-Bar to rival D-Bar and Courtyard.

One running theme was the poor management displayed by last year's RAG team. Felicity Jane Hill, standing for Entertainment and Service Vice Chair raised the issue, and so did Jessica Keir, a candidate for Treasurer, in relation to the finance debacle. The other candidate for Treasurer, Daniel Swift, did not attend.

The night was rounded off with speeches from the candidates for the position of Chair. George Lane stated his intention to chair meetings "nicely". Michael Duncan's speech centred largely around the Vanbrugh discounts scheme, while Emily Watson emphasised that she was a really active member of the JCRC last year. Victoria Bettney, a first year, summed up her view of the role of Chair: "I'd get to be part of everything at the same time as being part of nothing." Luke Flinders, the fifth candidate for Chair, was not in attendance.

Voting opens Wednesday at 12 noon, and closes Friday.


Emily Watson
George Lane
Luke Flinders
Michael Duncan
Victoria Bettney

Welfare Vice Chair
Rachel Bates

Entertainment and Service Vice Chair
Benjamin Turner
Felicity Jane Hill
Chris Morris

Communications Vice Chair
Curtis Hodgson

Jessica Keir
Daniel Swift

Sabrina Carroll

Female Welfare Representative
Georgina Russell

Male Welfare Representative
Beni Ngwamah

LGBTQ Welfare Representative
Ben Young
Mollie Staples

Overseas Welfare Representative
No candidates

Disability and Access Welfare Representative
Naomi Barrow
Benjamin Green
Michael Thompson

Entertainments Representative(s)
Amie Nevin
Jemima Wakelin
Kate Clover
Chloe Morrison

Bar/Music Representative(s)
Robbie Dowling-Doyle
Paul Scarlett
Jack Mehmet
Sarah Stanley
Toby Churchley

RAG Representative(s)
No candidates

Environment and Ethics Representative(s)
Casey Murphy

Merchandise Representative(s)
Olivia Tadman
Lauren Ielden

Sponsorship Representative (s)
Jordan Perkins

Male Sports Representative
No candidates

Female Sports Representative
Caitlin Graham
Charlotte Brown

Careers & Volunteering Representative
Ryanna Coleman

Ordinary Member
Grace Winpenny
Amelia Beach

Barbara Scott/Donald Barron Representative(s)
Ben Stuart

Eric Milner-White Court Representative(s)
Alice Strawbridge

Fairfax House/Off campus Representative(s)
George Norman
David Waters and Abigail Creak

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Would just like to mention that I'm running for IT officer but YUSU didn't allow my nomination to process until after Hustings for some reason, but it's fixed now!


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