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Te-quila or not te-quila, that is the question

Erin questions our love-hate relationship with tequila

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Photo credit: Josh Kenzer
Photo credit: Josh Kenzer

It's the marmite of student drinking. Whilst some writhe in disgust, pull facial expressions that never ought to be shown in public and demand surplus lemon wedges after a regrettable but necessary 'I'm not drunk enough' shot, others order five at a time, relishing the salty, citrusy goodness that fuels their night. Then, more often than not, follow their guzzling with an ecstatic exclamation of just how big a fan of this disputed little beverage they are.

The tequila shot: love it, or hate it?

True, tequila shots are on the menu of the majority, if not all popular student-drinking destinations in York and around the country, but do we really adopt such a firm black or white stance on whether we enjoy one on a night out? Well, talking to fellow students, the overwhelming answer is, no. Popular drinking culture has placed this Mexican-originating spirit on a pedestal, encouraging pubbers and clubbers to either like it or lump it and ally themselves to one side only of the tequila crusade. However, a number of students, when questioned as to which side they belong, admitted that they would happily take or leave a tequila shot on a night out, depending on who's paying. Of course, there are some whose taste buds have a tantrum every time the t-word is given a mere mention, but for die-hard fans, along with the many of you sitting on the fence, the tequila shot is about to be given a makeover.

La Bodega Negra and The Azulito Bar are renowned London bars, dedicated to providing their customers with top class tequila in shots as well as in cocktails, with an extensive list to choose from. However, for those of us who don't fancy the trek to give these places a visit and don't possess the adequate funding to make it worth the trip, here are 3 delicious variations on the classic salt, tequila, lemon/lime routine that Willow sees the best of us fall prey to at the end of a night out in York.

Photo credit: Sirkeldon
Photo credit: Sirkeldon

1) Cinnamon, golden tequila, orange -
Keeping in touch with the citrus element, this festive variation on the tequila shot provides a sweet edge to soften the bitterness of tequila that often lingers unwelcomely the morning after a tequila assault.

2) Tabasco/black pepper, silver tequila, tomato juice -
A sort of tequila-fied Bloody Mary. This savoury variation is not for the fainthearted. The lingering spiciness of the Tabasco pleasantly compliments the warming stomach sensation post-tequila consumption.

3) Tequila Slammer -
A derivation from the 3-part tequila shot ritual, the tequila slammer requires only tequila and your favourite fizzy drink - I'd recommend trying it with ginger beer. Pour a small measure of tequila into the shot glass, top up with the fizzy drink until about 4/5 full, cover the top of the glass with your hand and slam (gently) the shot glass onto a hard surface. The result: a mouthful of personalised tequila-tinged foam.

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Will Posted on Monday 18 Jan 2021

Great Article! I love Tequila.


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