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Album Review: Katy Perry - Prism

Katy Perry's new album conveys a new level of maturity which is beneficial, writes Katie Woodard.

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Katy Perry has delivered with her fourth album Prism taking a huge leap away from her "Teenage Dream" days. Katy Perry was due for a musical transformation and it comes in the form of a more grown up and mature album; but has this affected her music? I can safely say that it hasn't. The darker album connects with its audience through empowering lyrics and a mixture of genres. The album is laced with the feeling of letting the light in; this being the reason Perry called the album Prism. Tracks such as "Roar" and "Dark Horse" illustrate how she has come a long way since the hit "I Kissed A Girl", while tracks like "Unconditionally" and "Love Me" proceed to give us a display of how her vocals have developed.

The song "Roar" made it to number one on the UK singles chart earlier this month, and through the synths and empowering lyrics Perry inspired us to have self-determination. Its success is accounted for through its uplifting spirit! The track "Dark Horse" contrasts with her usual tracks through its use of a deep bass line to establish an urban feel. While the change is surprising it catches the intelligence of the album's varied musical techniques.

Compared to these tracks "Unconditionally" with its power ballad approach illustrates the beauty of Perry's voice. The track which is about unlimited love gives the album meaning and an essence of lyrical purpose. The track "Love Me" gets more intimate with the audience and exposes the backbone to the album of Perry's vulnerability. Both tracks speak of her personal struggles, emphasising how Perry still wears her heart on her sleeve. However, the less catchy tracks such as "Birthday" and "International Smile" are more forgettable, adding nothing to the album but the number of tracks.

Although we do lose the playful Katy Perry, she has found her feet with this album. Where there is any criticism it cannot be denied that the pop-tastic Perry never fails to hook the audience with her tracks.

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2 Comment

Connor Smith Posted on Saturday 18 Jan 2020

This is excellent katie very good work I love it yeah really really good thank you I appreciate your time and effort and thanks you I'm contemplating buying the album from Katy Perry


Litara High Posted on Saturday 18 Jan 2020

Great songs katy! Especially your song Unconditionally! It inspires me. You inspire me. And i'm sure you inspire everyone else that loves you. :D I'm so buying your album.!


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