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University apologises for tweet calling students 'douches'

The University has been forced to apologise after a Twitter account run by York branded students as "douches" obsessed by self image.

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The tweet sent from the UofY Environment Twitter account.
The tweet sent from the UofY Environment Twitter account.

The University has been forced to apologise after a Twitter account run by York branded students as "douches" obsessed by self image.

The tweet from the University of York Environment Department account was sent at 11.44am today and was posted inadvertently through a personal account.

According to the University the tweet was not sent by a member of staff but they have reminded employees and students to act responsibly on social media.

The University has since apologised for the error and the tweet has been removed.

The Department are also arranging for "an unreserved apology to be posted to our account" and are looking into the matter.

The tweet read: 'students are such douches nowadays. all faux posh accents and self image obsessions.'

The 'UoY Environment' account has 227 followers and is meant to provide 'Updates on teaching, life, learning, and research from the Environment Department of the University of York'.

Tweets before the incident included updates on seminars and advice for students and the department were unaware of the post until contacted by Nouse.

A spokesperson for the University said: "We apologise for any offence caused by this tweet which in no way reflects the views or values of the Environment Department. It appeared briefly on the Environment Twitter feed and was posted inadvertently via a personal social media account."

They added: "The source was not a member of staff. We are reviewing the protocols around the governance of the Environment Twitter feed. We remind all students and staff of the need to use social media responsibly. Our social media guidelines are here."

This is not the first time a University Twitter account has been compromised with the Accommodation Services account being hacked earlier in the year.

YUSU Welfare Officer George Offer, who used to study Environmental Science, said the department "really need to look at who has access to their Twitter account."

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Erm... Posted on Thursday 24 Oct 2013

...but the tweet is completely true?


Ted Posted on Friday 25 Oct 2013

Really? This is the typical misleading Nouse headline. A department account was either misused or compromised. It wasn't "The University" (not that I know what that means) being idiots. Either Environment's account was compromised or someone forgot to switch accounts in TweetDeck or whatever they were using.


env grad Posted on Friday 25 Oct 2013

As a grad of this department this twitter has always confused me- it used to be used really well with departmental/staff updates, recently it's like a 15 year old boy is using it as a platform for his musings. The facebook page is the same- I don't think it's been compromised, I think an absolute idiot has been assigned as their "social media" contact...


Lord Adonis Posted on Friday 25 Oct 2013

So here's the awkward thing.

As scathing as it is, the Tweet is sort of... right. This place is full of Oxbridge rejects with massive superiority complexes. Whoops.


stewie Posted on Saturday 26 Oct 2013

So an individual makes a slip whilst posting to a social media app. Only a fool would think this tweet was indicative of the collective opinion of either 'the university' or even 'the department'. Hence this is really a non-story. Since the development of language, humans have expressed these kind of opinions in private. The only error here is that social media users think their musings are private or fleeting in the moment. They are neither. Sounds like the tweet touched a nerve with someone. Ironically, the social spectrum of York is very diverse. There are many other universities where this kind of tweet really would have been spot on.