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Football teams appeal points deductions after YUSU error

An appeal has been launched after all five of the University's football teams in BUCS leagues were deducted points

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Image: Agatha Torrance
Image: Agatha Torrance

An appeal has been launched after all five of the University's football teams in BUCS leagues were deducted points.

The four men's football teams and the women's first team were each deducted one point before the start of the season because of "failure to submit County FA Affiliation before [the] deadline" to university sport's governing body.

It has since been confirmed to Nouse that an appeal has been launched on the grounds that the mistake in question was made by YUSU rather than the football clubs.

Luke Bradley, UYAFC President, told Nouse: "Cass [Brown, York Sport President] has made an appeal to BUCS on our behalf because UYAFC have been punished for an error made by YUSU.

"The appeal accepts the fact that a mistake was made, but states that as the mistake was not made by UYAFC, it is only right that YUSU suffers the penalty.

"We can't be overly confident of a positive outcome as the deadline was indisputably missed. However, we do hope that BUCS will understand our appeal and will consider changing the penalty in future.

"For now, the point deduction has really brought the lads together and made the club even more determined to succeed. That, for me, is the biggest positive."

The potential effects of the one point deduction will be well understood by the men's first team, who narrowly missed out on promotion last year due to the technical irregularities of the BUCS league table system.

They did make the perfect start to the campaign on the pitch, however, with a convincing 5-0 win over a hapless Sunderland side on the 3G Pitch last week. In the same league, the men's team from York's former White Rose Varsity rivals Hull have also been hit by a one point deduction for the same offence.

The deductions also represent an early blow for the women's side, who drew their opening match of the season last Wednesday, in their bid to consolidate their league position after last year's promotion.

And the move could be particularly detrimental to the men's seconds and thirds teams this season, who have to compete against each other in the BUCS Northern 5B league.

Brown confirmed that YUSU were still waiting on the result of the appeal and were hopeful that the ruling, which has affected several other universities, would be overturned: "An appeal was submitted to BUCS two weeks ago. It is yet to be officially launched as BUCS are being slow at replying to emails and keep asking for more information.

"I have to be at least hopeful of a point reversal for the club's sake ... There's no use in thinking nothing's going to come of it, otherwise what's the point in appealing? I've been in contact with unions from other institutions affected who are also keen to appeal the deduction.

"Hopefully a strong negative reaction will encourage BUCS to do just what I've asked."

Nouse reported a similar incident this time last year when the University's swimming teams were left without any entries in the first of three major galas after YUSU missed BUCS' registration deadline by ten minutes.

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3 Comment

Langwithian Posted on Wednesday 30 Sep 2020

This is ridiculous. YUSU imcompetence leads to yet another setback for York uni sport. What with the rugby team last year, and then the swimming gala, this is becoming a worrying trend. YUSU need to pull it together. Such incompetence, how hard is it to fill out a form?! If the firsts aren't promoted this year then YUSU will be to blame.


Incompetence Endemic Posted on Wednesday 30 Sep 2020

YUSU Employees are just incompetent. How many times has this happened? How long does it take to get a refund out of their finance department? The number of times they have lost submitted forms or receipts.. If this happened in the real world they would get the sack. One thinks it's time to stop YUSU handing out jobs to their mates from the uni. (I also hope that this isn't the quality of graduate we normally send to the work place...)


Jacobin Posted on Wednesday 30 Sep 2020

This is exactly the same: 'we know best, your just here to be "consulted" every once in a while to justify our jobs and you funding us' mentality which underlies everything YUSU does and which the proposed reforms will make even more common and entrenched.

An organisation which acts like it has the authority and righteous sense of mission of Rome or Moscow, but which in reality is basically a sanctimonious, pisspoor pseudo-municipal body that puts on a poorly attended "entertainment" every once in a while and tries to sell us stuff.


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