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In Tweets: Live and Loud 2013

Live and Loud was just that, and drew a massive reaction online. Here's the best of tweets from the Hes Eastern front

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Credit: Agatha Torrance
Credit: Agatha Torrance

A new generation of tweeps have hit the ground running this Freshers' Week. Now they turned their discerning commentary to Live and Loud, the official Freshers' Ball. This year it moved to Hes East, a venue much more suited to the festival atmosphere that infused the night. With fireworks, giant spinny-projections, a silent disco and of course all the top acts on stage Live and Loud went off with a bang that bodes well for all the campus events to come.

To kick off on our tour of #LiveandLoud, some pretty legit pre-event requests.

Stamina MC en route...

Festival times.

Talking of festivals, Glasto ain't got nothing. And we're pretty sure the Live and Loud cups-on-floor count can match Somerset's finest.

The photos are coming - keep an eye on the site!

Please say he's joking. He is? Okay, good.

After Freshers' Week a can or two wouldn't go amiss but...

So much of this face paint style this week - loving it.

On this evidence she's guaranteed to make it into our Live and Loud photo album:

Always feel for the person underneath in these situations:

YSTV were there as well! Sure there'll be footage online on their site:

Katy B thought she was here for a boxing bout. Fortunately she had some decent songs to sing as a back-up plan.

Someone not enjoying the Pigeon Detectives...

The more 'o's there are the better the night was? OooooooooooooooooK.


We've all been here:

There must be a good story behind #jessthemess...

Can't be pleasing everyone... Short, sharp, and to the point. At least he's honest

Many many wristbands from this week.

We heard that if you touch celebrities (although we admit we might mean 'celebrity') you get special powers.

This guy must have been in a dark place. If you're gonna go there, at least compliment the ducks!

Not sure we understand this? Any ideas?

We all like dancing like crazy idiots!

Early night. Nawt:

We don't want to know what happened here. Gambling of this nature is... 'discouraged'.


And here they are (not the most informative picture we'll admit):

Katy if you're reading this, I'm sure the uni can hook you up with Bethan's email address.

It wasn't just freshers who headed East - spare a thought for bedraggled third years. This one spent all day running round Freshers' Fair for the Looking Glass!

Yes to techno fists!

Note to freshers: you've still got 89 weeks of uni fun to go. Don't sweat:

Look who it is!

There were a lot of shit phone pictures on Twitter. To give you an idea, this was probably the best:

This happened... Surprised the crowd had the strength hold him after Freshers' Week!

And there you have it. The Freshers' Week rollercoaster is over and we will soon capitulate to the inevitability of freshers' flu. So good luck with that.

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