YourShop to start charity token project

Your Shop, the YUSU-managed shop on campus, will start running a token-run charity project this term similar to schemes operating in supermarkets such as Waitrose and Asda.

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Customers who purchase a meal deal at Your Shop will receive a token they can use to vote for a charity they wish Your Shop to contribute towards.

At the end of each term, the charity with the most votes will be given a cash donation.

In the same way, similar charity schemes are already in place in certain supermarkets. The containers where the tokens should be deposited are transparent so customers can see which is the most popular charity.

Possible charities to be involved in the scheme will be shortlisted and backed by RAG.

The charities will have college support, using the Your Shop Facebook page to publicise the charities and the shortlisting process.

Second-year History student Harriet Page said of the plans: "This new scheme sounds like it will promote charity spirit on campus by giving students the choice of who should receive the donation, but I think it should be extended beyond meal deals."

Starting on Monday of week three, the project has been described as "a great way to consolidate to students that Your Shop is run by the student union and does get involved in student activities".

In addition to supporting the student-chosen charities, the aim of the project is to promote use of the union shop where profits are recycled back to the University.
Unlike other shops and outlets in and around campus, Your Shop is run both for and by the student union.

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Volunteer Posted on Friday 4 Oct 2013

Why not donate money to YUSU volunteering projects?