Anstey's fixed international fees put to the University

Proposals to lower, cap, and clarify the University's tuition fee structure for international students have been under discussion between YUSU International Officer Mike Anstey and University Registrar David Duncan.

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Tuition fees for international students are subject to rise each year
Tuition fees for international students are subject to rise each year

International fees are set high and are subject to rise each year.

These proposals aim to clarify what overseas students will be expected to pay for the duration of their study from the start of their course, with the possibility of a capped 'slab' fee for the entire period of their studies placed under consideration.

Second-year PPE student Natasha Bakhir said: "Knowing what to pay for each year opens up a lot of options for me - I would be able to choose the financially preferable one.
"I could choose to pay the full amount at once, or earn interest on the money in the bank or invest it.

"This will make the process of parting with such a large sum less painful."

None of these proposals will be confirmed until the financial and administrative consequences are considered.

However, Mike Anstey is pushing the ISA 'Fix Fees' campaign with its three aims of clarifying the fee structure prior to course commencement, ensuring a 'slab' capped fee, and lowering fees for international students.

"I think this is a hugely important to all students paying overseas fees who, right now, face huge costs and have no idea what they will rise to next year.

"I encourage all students who want to FIX FEES to visit the ISA in the Campaigns & Change tent or at the YUSU Fair to find out how they can help."

The 'Fix Fees' campaign will launch on Friday of this week, in the YUSU Campaigns & Change tent on Vanbrugh Paradise from 12 to 4pm.

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Sally Druhiv Posted on Wednesday 2 Oct 2013

finally a proactive officer and great campaign idea- we pay too much and im so pleased he is now doing this!