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Joint honours degrees: double the trouble or twice as enriching?

Doing a joint honours degree has been a very rewarding and enriching experience for me both academically and socially.

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Why choosing between two things that you love? Finishing school I was undecided on whether History or Politics was the subject I liked the most. While browsing on the UCAS website I realized that there were indeed courses out there which enable me to combine them. Undeniably the options were fewer than for those offered for single honors degrees but still I managed to get 2 in 1, both shampoo and conditioner!

This combo fortunately, despite my fears, was not double the trouble. I soon realized that I did not have to do all the modules for both courses plus I had the chance to choose them, whereas other students doing a single honours degree did not!

The departments indeed coordinate perfectly so that you do not have any lectures nor seminars overlapping. Good thing is that support and guidance is offered in both departments by a different tutor- at least that is what happened in my case. What's more I got to know more people since I got involved in two societies and departments. Amazingly the night-outs and parties did not overlap either thus there was always an excuse for a break!

Having a genuine interest in two subjects though requires double the passion, dedication and perseverance than to study a single honours degree. You might easily fall in trap of focusing on one of the subjects and neglect the other one. Additionally you might get clashing deadlines and confused by the different styles and rules to follow for each department. Adaptability and enthusiasm is thus important for desirable results and marks.

For me studying History and Politics was the best thing I could do and still I am glad that I combined them. However it is vital to note that two subjects at university level does not work for everyone. University gives the opportunity to understand what you really like. Lots of my fellow students realized that the course they were studying did not suite them and changed, it's all about choices because after all it is our future! In other words there is always the option to drop one of the two and proceed as a single honors degree student!

Doing a joint honours degree has been a very rewarding and enriching experience for me both academically and socially. There is no reason to worry but even if things go wrong there are people to talk to and different options to fall back on.

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You forgot to mention.. Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

You can't just drop history and carry on with politics, it's not as easy as it sounds. You overlooked that with politics, you can't then decide you want to study it as a single honours in the 2nd year.

Also, it all really depends on if they have space and if grades are of the right standard, it aint easy at all.


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