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Society in Focus: Central Hall Musical Society (CHMS)

Andy Bewley explains why you'll want to get involved in CHMS's 2014 production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

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Central Hall Music Society, winner of the YUSU Society of the Year award 2013, presents just one production a year - a production that is the largest musical that comes to York each year. It is always one of the highlights of the Uni calendar and is a huge endeavour and commitment to produce, and the right to produce it is competed for. Budding production teams assemble a year in advance of the February show dates and pitch to the society as to why their production and their vision for that production should be given the honour of being produced. It's hugely competitive and the winning production team is tasked with the job of transforming Central Hall into something special for three February nights.

Bernstein's West Side Story was the 2013 production and was a hugely successful show, allowing the cast to perform a true classic of the genre. West Side has set-up the society with a financial stability that will make this year an exciting and momentous one, with opportunities to spread their activity and influence beyond the one large-scale musical in Spring Term.

That will be a bold, and exciting recreation of Lyold Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar is CHMS' 2014, and promises to again deliver University students the unique opportunity to taste the buzz of Broadway and wonder of the West End on campus in Central Hall. Auditions will be as follows:

7/10 - D/L/036 from 6pm-11pm
8/10 - D/L/036 from 5:30pm -11pm
9/10 - D/L/036 from 6pm-11pm
10/10 - D/L/036 from 6pm - 11pm
11/10 - D/L/047 from 6pm - 11pm

CHMS truly offers the opportunity for some uni-shaping memories. Literally anybody and everybody who is interested in being involved should audition - it's an awesome opportunity.

Photos courtesy of CHMS
Photos courtesy of CHMS

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