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Top 50 Twitter follows @UniOfYork

For info, for the latest scores, for unmatched satirical genius. The list of the top 50 Twitter follows at the University of York is here.

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Welcome to the 2013 list of top Twitter follows in the little societal bubble that is the University of York campus. Social media has exploded at York with more and more joining Twitter every term. Union hustings even trended in the UK last year. From the outset this list was never meant to be comprehensive, but it does try to cover a range of personalities across campus from drama, student politics, student journalism, sports and JCRCs, as well as people who just keep you amused on a wet Sunday afternoon in the library. I certainly haven't got everyone so please feel free to add your favourites in the comment section below.

1. Duck of the Day

Number one. Top of the list. It's DOTD. One duck every week day direct from the campus lake, and a bit of weekend waterfowl (to keep it fresh).

2. Library Seats, Info

One for the exam term, when shit gets a little bit cray in the lib. Beyond its utility the girl who runs it is really lovely - a voice of calm in the stress of exams.

3. India Block, Fashion

Wannabe fashion journo India tweets the latest trends, showbiz (Cara Delavigne gets a lot of attention) and the odd bit of light-hearted feminism... @nousefashion also one for fashion fans

4. Nouse, Campus newspaper

Hey we're biased. And unashamedly so. Nouse covers news, sport and arts on campus and beyond, with opinion and analysis tweeted instantly to a smartphone near you.

5. Mike Anstey, YUSU ISA President

Top follow for controversy. Fantastic spat with some of York's feminists on Twitter watched by many amused (and notably unamused) onlookers - "enough of this feminist nonsense please". Also one for international students and student issues.

6. Oli Butler, Student Journo

A mixture of dry wit, absurdisms and a spattering of intelligent thoughts on current affairs.

7. Luke Bradley, UYAFC President

Serial tweeter Luke Bradley heads up one of campus's biggest sports teams.

8. Sophie Gadd, Satirist

The Lemon Press editor turns the everyday and the mundane into witticisms to put a smile on your face. She also tweets a lot, so the entertainment pool never runs dry.

9. Thomas Ron, Student and national politics

Tron is a favourite of the Nouse office. He works tirelessly in his role as YUSU Disabilities officer (read his welcome piece here) and tweets about student politics and the Labour party, as well as dabbling in cooking and sci-fi.

10. Lucy Watson, Postgrad

As well as running the Library seats account, Lucy has her own endlessly entertaining feed. According to her bio the Observer once called her 'witty, stylish and ferociously absorbing.' You'll have to ask her what the context was...

11. Circulation Mag, Music

The University's music magazine comes out once a term, and has its own stage at York's main music festival YO1. 'Launch parties' accompany every edition as well. Worth a follow for quality articles and YO1 gossip and info. @Music_Nouse also one for music fans.

12. YUSU Bastard, Troll

No secret who ran this account last year, but we wait with baited breath to see whom the mantle is passed to. Usually targets campus journos and political types, but in holiday time spreads his wings. Also a Nouse columnist.

13. Uni of York UKIP, Politics

Spoofy take on the ups and downs of the UK Independence Party. Expect idol worship of leader Nigel Farage, and blame for the world's woes lying with our reptilian friends.

14. Kallum Taylor, YUSU President

On occasion an irritating follow, starting tweets and blogs with 'Now then York!' or using hashtags that shouldn't go any further than a teenage girl's Instagram account, but mostly useful information about what the Union's up to.

15. Jo Barrow, Vision Editor

Bio reads: 'Literary dilettante. Student. All round top bird.' All true.

16. Willow Student

Keeps the spirit of the Big W flowing through you out of hours. Also particularly amusing when the WS is actually in the Willow as incessant typos hint at the mystery tweeters love of tequila.

17. Emma Brownbill, student activism

The relentless voice of student activism keeps YUSU and the NUS in check. A big voice who, even after she's graduated, holds an important voice in student politics.

18. Cass Brown, York Sport Union President

Another YUSU sabb, another user of annoying hashtags... This time it's #funANDproductive (is that meant to be ironic?), but again a great follow for information on sports and the scores on a Wednesday.

19. University of York Rugby Club

The rugby club have toned their account down after hitting the front pages for bad behaviour. It's now an entertaining read, offering up-to-date info on the club and its games.

20. One and Other Magazine, Arts and culture

Town news, arts and culture brought to you in style by the magazine and website of One and Other. Working out of a converted warehouse in Hes Road, they produce a mag every quarter and update their website regularly. What even is art punk?

21. Alex Wilson, CHMS Chair

Tweets from the heart of York drama.

22. David K Smith, Academic

One of the few tutors in our list, David Smith specialises in Supramolecular and Nanoscale Chemistry, but tweets about science, education and politics. He's often got something to say on happenings on campus and beyond.

23. Nouse Events, Lectures and Events

We run a number of events through the year, inviting figures from politics and education to come and lecture at the university. Last year's guests included Galloway, Paxman and Lord Adonis. Tickets go fast so get ahead with Nouse Events' Twitter handle.

24. Dan Holland, Deputy Editor Nouse

Best feed on campus for the latest sports news, whether uni, college, national or international. Particular interest in football, but most major sports from athletics and tennis to cricket and cycling get a look in. Also tweets news from his home region the North East.

25. York Hour, Concept account

OK so 'concept account' is a stupid name, but it's actually quite a cool idea. They try and get loads of people to get on Twitter at a certain time each week to have a huge online discussion about all things York. Check it out and get involved...

26. Alex Bryan, Politics/Social commentary

A voice of calm in the fury of Twitter societal commentary. Also edits Vibe Online, a magazine which aimed at 'the digital generation' (that's you, I guess).

27. Oscar Pearson, Politics/Deputy Editor Vision

Presents at Chat Politics but tweets all sorts, including campus news.

28. Hussein Kesvani, Political commentary

Now graduated, Hussein tweets snippets of analysis on the days news stories, as well as picks of the day's stories.

29. Morenike Adebayo, Drama

Morenike does all sorts of things on campus from PantSoc and ComSoc to writing for campus papers, but like many of the best feeds it's her amusing take on everyday events that has put her on the list.

30. Aesthetica Magazine, Local Arts and Culture

The national magazine is based in York, and runs the prestigious Aesthetica Arts prize, as well as prizes for students.

31. Marian Lally, Halifax Chair

Tweets (serially) about the college, sport and events, as well as about the mundanities of every day life.

32. George Offer, YUSU Welfare Officer

Yet to show any form in the micro-blogging arena, we're looking for a little more banter, and a little less retweets of NUS consultation...

33. York Press, Local news

Local news and reviews of theatre, music and film make this a useful account to follow. Just don't read the letters page, you'll only be upset by the latest complaints about student noise...

34. Rebecca Schofield, Postgrad

New to the York Twitter scene, great things are expected from Rebecca, a postgrad in women's studies.

35. Josh Lee, Alcuin Chair

Management student Josh Lee tweets about the latest from the college with info about Freshers' Week and beyond, as well as tweeting JCRC updates.

36. University of York Cricket Club

A newly revamped account, it's generally just quite amusing. Hots up in the summer, tweeting at matches but one to watch until then anyway.

37. Tom Edwards, ex-URY Station Manager

Sporadic holiday tweets, but hots up in term time to bring you amusing titbits from inside the URY studio, or wherever they're set up. Also, we're sad at the graduation of ex-co-host Chalky.

38. Uni of York Careers Service, Info

Boring but an absolute must. The Uni has started paying for all its intern positions making them competitive and lucrative. They also run professional connect events, where alumni are invited to talk about their respective industries, and more traditional careers fairs.

39. Anmoli Sodha, Derwent Chair

Tweets about all things Derwent, and news from the JCRC.

40. Helena Horton, Feminist

Irksome as she is, Helena is worth a follow just to read the absurd spats she's unfortunate enough to get involved in.

41. Thomas Fennelly

One of the top second year follows. Tweets sports news and dry quips on everyday life. Likes trains (apparently).

42. York Tories, Politics

Light-hearted account from the University's Conservative and Unionist Association. Made a lot of noise about the #Haguethon, which came out after the Foreign Secretary said he could sink 14 pints in a sitting...

43. Bangers and Mash, Nightlife

Last year's biggest student-run club night is expected to return in the new uni year... Follow for latest dates and news on their latest house, garage and electro headliners.

44. University of York events, Info

The Uni holds a number of lectures throughout the year with speakers, many of whom are alumni, from the fields of politics, education, media and civil rights.

45. Alex Osborne, York Labour chair

Despite her prominent role in York student party politics, Alex's twitter is filled with the latest music news, her views on everything that's going on, and endless streams of love for Green Man Festival.

46. Rachel Heap, 2nd year Chemist

Tweets on sport, inanity and her latest labs. Recently espoused a lot of love for Mo Farah - we respect that.

47. Josiah Mortimer, Left-wing politics

The York Green Party secretary takes a dim view on British politics, but he does provide insightful opinion, which unusually often comes in the form of songs... Intrigued? Here's Darker things rise up which warns of the direction British politics is taking.

48. Agatha Torrance, Photographer

Witty comments on TV, culture and politics. And a severe dislike of Instagram...

49. James Alexander, City of York Council Chair

Some interesting news about town developments, but mostly puerile arguments with opposition councillors. More annoying hashtags (what is it with politicians?)

50. Elisabeth Shuker, Looking Glass Editor

The Looking Glass is a collection of student written creative writing pieces compiled once a year into a bound volume. Elisabeth tweets about publishing, media and her daily life.

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Lol Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Waste of my time even flicking through this garbage. Get your dad to get you a job at the times so we don't have to put up with you. Emma brownbill? Lol. Helena Horton? Lol. Hussein kesvani? Lol. Tron? Lol. Honestly


Voice of reason Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

No Tom A-C or Nicholas Henry Dunn-Mcafee?

Where are the double-barrelled libertarians?


~ Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

No Jason Rose? Criminal!


Few more ... Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

@Dr_PaulC @professor_dave @Sixetyseven @yorkunisu


BB-Gun Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

This is truly moronic it must be said. Who on earth would want to follow these nobodies? India Block? L O L


Anon Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

@BB-Gun Isn't the fact that they're nobodies the whole point of twitter? Quite like the fact that there are some new people to follow and not just annoying bnoc's like Kallum Taylor..


The Mighty Oosh Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Genuinely offended.

Tell you what, there's a brilliant feed. Witherwoes.


OhChristStopWhining Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

What a waste of time commenting on this blog to say what a waste of time it apparently was reading it. Seriously, if you find it boring then why bother reading all 50/commenting? Do you just get off on insulting student journalists who probably don't even read your comments anyway?

It's summer. There's probably not all that much to comment on with regards to Uni news. Get over yourselves already.


TRUTH Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Just going to put it out there, any person referred to as a 'BNOC' by nouse is only a 'big name' because they are A) an absolute loser climbing the rungs of UNIVERSITY politics or B) A nobody, only known by the guaranteed nobodies who write for a UNIVERSITY paper (perennial goons).

Also, Mike Anstey is such a dry lunch its unbelievable. Choice chopper.


@TRUTH Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Now I'm not particularly chuffed at the list this year, but you my friend sound absolutely sidelined. bit jealous you weren't listed?

BNOC is a disgusting term but to be honest, I don't think half the people listed considers them self a BNOC- just a media term. Instead of commenting here- go comment on that other how to be a BNOC article and let your views be heard! Can't wait to read your long tirade!


@Truth Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Actually, on second read, you probably are just jealous you didn't list!!!!


Helena Horton Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

To Tom Witherow and all my other assorted haters:



@@Truth Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Nice bite, cheers.

I'm actually a friend of Mike's, he buys me expensive stuff everyday it's great.

It's not possible for a person of my stature to worry about remaining unknown to the Grade A dorks who write for this paper, let alone being jealous.

The only way to certify you aren't a BNOC is to be on this list.


The TRUTH Hurts Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

You got it damn right TRUTH. A 'BNOC' is not someone who spends hours trying to get your vote in a shitty campaign or tweets 100 times a day and then shoots their load all over the top floor of the Harry Fairhurst when they get retweeted by kallum taylor. Its just somebody who doesn't give a fuck, and everyone knows it. Stop sucking each other off and go smash some trebles and have a think about it and you will realise


Pav Dhande Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Disappointed to say the least that you have completely neglected York Nightline from your list.

The impartial and confidential student-run listening service can be found over at @YorkNightline providing a wide variety of information useful to students on a daily basis.


@@@ Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019


STFU, you don't know what you're talking about. At least we actually CONTRIBUTE to this University, unlike SOME people. Don't people know who actually RUNS this Uni? It's like people are so jealous and are haters.


YUSU Bastard Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

So this is why I've got idiot freshers 'following' me.



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