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The fresher's store cupboard

Lily Grant offers some helpful advice on stocking up your kitchen while you still can

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Image: Great British Chefs.
Image: Great British Chefs.

It's important to make the most out of your student loan before squandering it on ill-advised shots at Willow.

Store cupboard items may prove to be a life saver in third term when all you have is £10 in your bank account and three tins of baked beans that you've rejected in the past in preference of Efe's pizzas. As such, I hope this list of my store cupboard favourites helps you to make the most out of a charitable food shop your parents take you on before leaving you in the wilderness of student budgeting.

Last year, my flat mate and I used smoked paprika, chopped tomatoes and tomato puree in pretty much every meal imaginable and often found that it saved an otherwise boring dish. Particular favourites were in our chicken fajita mix, aubergine lasagne and pretty much every curry we ever made. Our kitchen motto was that you could never use too many tomatoes.

Keeping some bread in the freezer is essential for a student with lots of deadlines and little time to spare. Particularly when you try and stretch your weekly food shop to make it last for two.

A word of warning for your tomato ketchup - my flat mates couldn't seem to grasp the concept that somebody had spent money on this and it wasn't immediately communal. Try to protect your ketchup as best you can by writing your name on it and hiding it in a strange place among your food or else you will get one use out of an entire bottle.

I know that dried fruit sounds like a gross and frugal snack forced upon you when visiting elderly relatives, but they are actually healthy, tasty and a great snack to take into lectures. Also, because of their lack of immediate appeal you might find you don't have to share them.

I think that the rest of the items on the list are fairly self-explanatory and you'll find them crop up in most student cookbook recipes.

Fridge items


Freezer items

Pitta bread
Sliced bread

Image:  GeoBlogs.
Image: GeoBlogs.

Cupboard items

Baked beans
Stock pots
Worcestershire sauce
Peanut Butter
Chopped tomatoes
Smoked paprika
Sweet corn
Heinz tomato soup
Dried fruit
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Tomato puree
Soy sauce

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