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Crawling for Bars: Stone Roses

Sofia Geraghty introduces Stone Roses, the retro home of cheap triples and alternative music

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Not often featured on traditional Freshers' routes, Stone Roses is a real find either for the alternative music lover or the budget savvy alcoholic.

Its number one selling point is its famous £2.50 triples - so if the worst really does happen and you find yourself sober in York then a quick visit to Stone Roses will rectify that mishap. The cheap drink deals mean that the bar is very much a pre-drink venue - whilst some of the weak livered will meet their night's end in Stone Roses, the aim of the majority is to go on to one of the clubs. It makes financial sense, as getting drunk in Rev's will probably end up costing more than your student loan.

That being said, there is far more to Stone Roses than cheap triples, as the name implies you are will not be listening to Nicki Minaj or Rihanna here. Hipsters will be able sit down and happily sing along to the likes of The Strokes, The Smiths and the Arctic monkeys. Of course the alternative vibe may be slightly tarnished by mainstreams only there for triples who will ask loudly whether it's "time for Kuda yet?" However the bar's retro interior provides a good distraction from such whining. Packed with arty pictures of The Beatles, Oasis, James Bond and even boasting its own mounted Vespa, there is plenty to look at and be 'inspired' by. The super alternatives can even enjoy the 80s/90s game shows that play on the TV behind the bar; yes even the likes of Bullseye and Takeshi's Castle are welcome in Stone Roses.

Something else that Stone Roses has that you are also unlikely to find in the likes of Kuda and Revs is locals. Yes they do exist. As frightening as this may be there is really no need to hide behind your NUS cards, although probably best to avoid the leery men hanging out by the pool table. In all honesty it may actually be a welcome break to hear conversation devoid of the words 'Freshers', 'subject', and 'college'.

As for what to wear to Stone Roses, with the healthy mix of alcoholics, alternative music lovers and locals you are unlikely to stand out in too much to be honest. If however you really want to embrace the bars vibe and avoid the judgemental stares of hipsters your best bet would be some sort of logo t-shirt accompanied with denim shorts or skinny jeans.

All in all Stone Roses is definitely worth checking out, having become a very popular pre-drink venue by the end of the year. If however the rocky retro vibe is not to your liking, with no entrance fees or queue's it easy enough to down a triple and leave.

Who goes?
An exciting, somewhat grotty mix of alcoholics, hipsters and locals.With £2.50 triples, alternative music, a punch bag and even screenings of Takeshi's castle, alike the bar itself the clientele are somewhat random. Probably the kind of place you would find Super Hans from Peep Show.

What's it known for?
Aside from the dubiously priced £2.50 triples, the bar is best known for its alternative music and a retro rocky vibe.

What to wear:
Girls: vintage t-shirt, denim shorts and boots or bright red lipstick and a colourful tea dress.

Boys: offensively colourful shirt, skinny jeans and Liam Gallagher style mullet.

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