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Society in Focus: Christian Union

Renowned as one of the most active societies on campus, the University of York Christian Union is one of the many faith societies you can get involved in. George Barrett takes a look

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The University of York Christian Union (or UYCU as it is sometimes referred to) is one of the biggest societies on campus, with around 160 members. It is also one of the most active societies, holding a number of weekly meetings and events.

The Christian Union aims to support and equip Christian students for university life, and is thus one of the friendliest societies on campus. It is also a fantastic way to meet other students who aren't in your year. As a first year, I remember frequently being invited round for meals at the houses of friends I had made in second and third year.

The main university CU meets on Saturday evenings, normally in V/045, but this varies.

The CU mission statement is to "give every student the chance to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ." The CU frequently holds events for open minded people of all backgrounds and faiths who are eager to discuss important questions about life, and specifically how they relate to the message of Christianity. In the Christmas term the CU will be holding a course called 'Uncover' which is a series of 6 studies looking at the evidence for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, as told in the Luke's account of Jesus. This will be held on Thursdays from Weeks 3-8 in D/L/104 (the Old Langwith SCR) which is near the Norman Rea gallery at 8pm. All are welcome and there will be a variety of cakes and puddings and a chance beforehand to socialise and make new friends.

The main university CU is also broken down into college CUs. Apart from in sport, the CU is the only society that really uses the college system, so second and third years living off campus really appreciate it once they have moved out of their colleges. College CUs generally meet on Tuesday nights, but some College CUs meet on other nights of the week. College CUs are a great chance to make friends in your college who don't necessarily live in your block or flat. College CU evenings normally consist of small group bible study and some prayer time, but the structure of the evening will vary between colleges and different colleges do different things.

After College CUs, at around 10pm some of the Colleges will host toastie evenings, or something of that variety, which are open to everyone and anyone. These are some of the most popular events on campus and are very well attended. If you are heading on a night out you can pop in beforehand to grab a toastie (did I mention they are free?!) or you can get them post night out, as the event stays open till around 3am. The number of fillings has now reached a slightly ridiculous level. Reggae reggae sauce on a toastie? No problem, the CU have it covered. These are very chilled and laid back evenings and are a great chance to make friends with all sorts of people. Most college CUs host these events, but again it depends on your college. Timings vary, but in most colleges they take place on a Tuesday.

For more information, go to or join the facebook group at

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