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Clubbing Guides: Ziggy's

Mansion, better known to us all as Ziggy's, is the first club to come under our freshers microscope. Ellie Rice provides the low-down on the sports clubs' favourite haunt

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Mansion (the club) or Ziggy's (the name of the night, former club name) was, until this year, the Wednesday night haunt of fancy dress clad drunken sports team members. Beautiful people already inclined to not take themselves too seriously (dressing as the cast of Harry Potter does something strange to your mind) and consuming an irresponsible amount of pre drink was only going to end one way - legendary.

People might point out its apparent slimy, sweaty filth, but realistically Tokyo and Duchess are far worse for that. However, the decor leaves a lot to be desired, from what I recall it's attempting to live up to its name, but the mansion was brought from Ikea and salvaged from the local dump. But if your main concern there is interior design, I think you've wandered off course.

The saving grace of Mansion is its labyrinth of rooms and all the nooks and crannies which make it an ideal location for getting up to more than dancing and drinking. By which I of course mean a pleasant conversation in the champagne lounge, you filthy lot. Bonus points if you find the hole in the ceiling and can climb into it.

The music varies, but top floor is a solid cheese session. Proper blue, smelly cheese. If you're after something more current, get down to the dungeon (recently 'refurbished') and the middle floor is mainly a bar, loos and seating - the music doesn't really have a set genre.

I would advise not venturing near the place outside of Wednesdays or Music Remedy nights - outside of our custom the site is largely used as a 'gentlemen's club'. And now that Salvation has become the sport social location of choice, I'm pretty sure this will become a larger part of the business. It's still worth a look in though, especially if the sports teams 'accidentally' end up there after a brief stop off at Salvo.

The drinks deals are appalling, so make sure you get in plenty of drinks at the usual stops before Ziggy's (Flares, Nags, Rumours, Society, Gibsons) but it's free entry before 12 (with a prized orange card) or 11 without. Sounds early, but when you started drinking at 5pm, it's really not. So all in all, not an expensive night, not too sweaty, full of cheesy music and fancy dress. What more could you want? In fact, why are we even leaving Ziggy's for Salvo again?

Who goes?
All sports teams are well known for their antics there but a special mention must go to Rugby, Cheerleaders, Netball, Lacrosse and Hockey. Stay classy.

What's it known for?
Grotty, grimey and grindy- the place to witness the worst of human behaviour.

What to wear:
Fancy dress- the more outlandish, the better. Each club has a theme each social, social secs are supposed to check that none ever clash so you'll always be able to spot your tribe. However, if you're not on a social, please don't dress up. Yes, you'll stick out like a sore thumb, but it's more bizarre to strike up a conversation with someone dressed as a PVC nurse if it then turns out she's just doing it for the kicks.

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