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York Nightlife: Crawling on a budget

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The infamous Willow Restaurant. But where to first?
The infamous Willow Restaurant. But where to first?

Whether you're aiming for the stage at Tokyo or the stairs of Willow, there are few better ways to get there than by snaking your way through York's wonky streets tasting the best of York's pub and night spots. Often thought of as an expensive option, this guide will allow you to enjoy those bars on a budget.

The meeting point: The Postern Gate, Picadilly (Taxi from campus: £1.60)

Not the most glamorous stop-off but it'll save you money on that taxi by starting at the southern-most point of town, Postern Gate. First on the menu cocktail pitchers to share. To make those pounds pack-a-punch go for Sex on the Beach, a healthy dose of vodka and peach schnapps that will leave you well-oiled for a walk to...

Stop 2: Lowther's, Cumberland St. (walk time: 7 min)

This river-side pub has a great seating area when it's warm, as well as a jukebox upstairs to ensure you're getting all your favourite songs. Drinks aren't too bad either, with a double coming in under £3.

Stop 3: Stone Roses, King St. (walk time: 2 min)

Pop round the corner to this Indie themed bar. Classic tunes overhead drown out much of the conversation but with £3 triples this place is the cheapest spot in town - if you're planning to touch the sky then this has got to be part of your runway. Also a must for fans of people-spotting - always some characters in here boogying away to the classic tunes of the past.

Stop 4: The Parish, Micklegate (walk time 5 min)

Cross the bridge, and enter the York's shrine to the Jagerbomb - The Parish (Tiger Ten, for second and third years). At just £1 for this student favourite, rationing is the word - you never want to be first man home. The renovated church gives the place a great atmosphere, with big alcoves for a sit-down. It's also your best bet for getting to the toilet without wading through... you get the idea.

Stop 5: Rumours, Micklegate (walk time: 3 min)

Up the hill for the penultimate stop, to Wednesday night sports clubs' favourite, Rumours. Not value for money, but no bar crawl is complete without their famous Kryptonite: Vodka, Tropical VK topped up with cider. Share a two for £7 deal with a friend and you'll be left rolling back down the hill to...

Final stop: Popworld (formerly Reflex), Micklegate (walk time 2 min)

This is your first chance to dance off some of your debaucherous load. No drink required here, just letting loose, pulling shapes on their rotating dance floor (oh how we hope this stays after the renovation), to the inexhaustible line-up of classics.

Six stops, £15.60 and enough drink to keep you flying through to the clubbers' bus and beyond.. From Reflex it's five minutes to Kuda, Revs and the indomitable Willow and just three to Tokyo. What will it be?

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2 Comment

Sam Posted on Tuesday 29 Sep 2020

Hello Tom, I'd just like to inform you that Reflex no longer exists...


Pedantic Posted on Tuesday 29 Sep 2020

Tiger Ten has changed its name, it's now called the Parish...


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