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University apologises over accommodation booking crash

The University has apologised after its accommodation application website crashed on Tuesday

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The University has apologised after its accommodation application website for new undergraduates crashed on Tuesday.

The site struggled to cope with the heavy traffic experienced this morning, with many new students unable to complete their accommodation bookings as a result.

In a statement issued this afternoon, Jane Grenville, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Students, said: "We are sorry that so many of you have experienced problems booking your accommodation today. If you have managed to book your room then thank you for bearing with us.

"If you have not booked yet then please do keep trying as the system is up and running again now.

"We apologise unreservedly for the performance of the system. This was not as anticipated as extensive testing had taken place.

"It is unfortunate that, on the day, the system simply could not cope with the volume of traffic. It went wrong and we are sorry."

Grenville added, "Please be assured we will be undertaking a detailed analysis to improve the application system for 2014/5. We have collated all your feedback on social media and we will be inviting you to share your experiences and recommendations as part of our review.

"Once again please accept our apologies for what we are sure must have been a stressful day."

The application process for new undergraduates opened at 8am this morning, but continued outages meant that only 45 students were able to successfully apply in the first two hours. While an email-invitation system was in place as a back-up, this option was not used by the University as a "steady stream of applications" were successful after 10am. Over 1500 applications had been received by 1.30pm.

The statement on the University website claims that a "detailed analysis" of the problems will be undertaken in a bid to avoid future problems. It is not anticipated that students applying tomorrow will encounter the same difficulties due to the smaller volume of traffic.

This is the second time in recent months that a University site has been unable to handle a large volume of traffic. In June, many students were unable to access their module results on E:vision due to similar problems.

Today's issues prompted students to take to Twitter and complain about an accommodation system that has been heavily criticised in the past.




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3 Comment

Anonymous Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

It's trivial but isn't Jane Grenville acting Vice-Chancellor at the moment..?


Anonymous Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

ViceChancellor Pro


da fook Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

This is typical of the Uni. Overcharge massively for often substandard accommodation and dont even manage to make the website run smoothly.

Good job.


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