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Fresher's guide to York transport

Matthew Dowds makes sure you don't restrict yourself to plain old walking (tiring) or speedy taxis (expensive) in your bid to explore what York's got to offer

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Buses are a great way of getting around, and are free between campuses
Buses are a great way of getting around, and are free between campuses

One of the great things about York is how accessible the city is. Here are the many different ways there are to get around in York.


There are two main bus routes serving the university - the 44 and the 4. They both run to the city centre and then onwards to the railway station. Tickets are £1.50 for a single and £2 for a return, with passes available for both operators for regular use.

Whilst the 4 terminates on Hes West, the 44 continues on to Heslington East and the Sports Village, with travel between these stops being completely free. Unibus also runs the free UB1 shuttle from the south side of Hes West (James and Halifax colleges) to Hes East and the Sports village. Timetables and maps for all the Unibus services can be found here.

If you're planning on going out during freshers the Clubbers Bus runs until late from the four main clubs in York on every official YUSU club night and only costs £1.50. A neat way to get home if you plan your night carefully - and expect all sorts of (drunken) games on the top deck! See here for more details.


There are plenty of taxi companies to choose from in York. The three main ones are Streamline (01904 656565), Ebor (01904 641441) and Six Five Nine (01904 659659). To get back to campus just say which college you want to get to. And when it comes to pay make sure you ask for a student discount (Usually about 10%) - you won't get it if you don't ask.


York is a great city to be in if you're a cyclist. For those living on campus each college has ample secure parking space, and there is plenty of parking in the city centre, nearby supermarkets and out-of-town retail parks. There are also plenty of cycling signposts to make sure you can find your way around. A map of all the cycle routes in York can be found here, but main roads are pretty safe anyway. Lights recommended for the winter months (we are in the north!).

Additionally, from early 2014 the City Council has announced a 'Boris Bike' style hire scheme, more details of this exciting scheme can be found here.


The pubs, banks and shops in Heslington are just a short walk from both campuses. However, with the university located on the edge of the city there's not much else to be found in walking distance. If you feel like the exercise though the city centre is about 2 miles/30 minutes and is well signposted. Get your STYC to show you around, and you'll get to know the area in no time.


Given the size of York and the level of public transport available there aren't many reasons to bring a car to university, and parking is a bit of a nightmare until you've got private parking in second year and beyond. Campus parking permits aren't offered to students living on campus apart from in exceptional circumstances.

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