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Bar Crawl to Food Haul: A campus directory

Campus has a lot to offer in terms of bar, cafes and shops. Harry Gallivan opens up the concrete jungle

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Campus has lots to offer, and every bar and cafe has its own feel and strength, from the cocktails of The Lounge to the famous burger of the Courtyard. Here's a lowdown of everything Heslingtons East and West have to offer.

The Bars

The Courtyard

The newly renovated Courtyard is perhaps the number one spot on campus for a bite to eat. Situated right at the heart of Derwent, it is an ideal place to go between lectures for a sub-five pound lunch. Their legendary burgers are campus renowned and are sure to satisfy many a merry customer. The menu combines local, fresh British food with Mediterranean inspired dishes. It is also run by YUSU, providing cheaper food and drinks than other nearby dining halls. There are also plasma/LCD TVs offering Sky Sports. Students are able to relax in the outside area too and the bar is open until late.


Located at Vanbrugh College, V-Bar hosts an alternative scene and holds a cafeteria for Vanbrugh's catered students. It is has a relaxed pub atmosphere serving traditional hand-pulled beers and a range of scrumpy ciders. It is popular with societies who often have their weekly meetings there, a great place to meet up, and also hosts Vanbrugh's popular Volume events run by their JCRC.


Located in Derwent College, D-Bar popular for having a drink after lectures and for sports teams on a Wednesday night. It is also popular for watching major sport matches and hosts a variety of events, most notably Club Ds, and end-of-year bash Big-D. Snacks are served daily and it closes at midnight every day. D-Bar is also home to a cafeteria where Derwent's catered students have their meals.

The Lounge

Located at the Roger Kirk Centre in James College, the Lounge opened in 2012. It can be described as a sophisticated cocktail bar, often hosting many formal events including the York Sport Awards. Like the Courtyard, Sky Sports is always available and they offer exclusive packages for societies to choose for socials before a night out. With pizzas being served every evening from 8pm, it is the perfect place to meet and socialise. Open until late.

The Roger Kirk Centre also hosts the Galleria Restaurant, where James College students have their catered meals, and the nearby cafe serving Costa coffee and smoothies.


The Glasshouse is a new YUSU bar located at Langwith College on Heslington East campus. It provides an open and friendly atmosphere that is popular with Goodricke and Langwith residents. Specialising in cheap food and drinks, it's excellent for a bite to eat for students living and studying on Hes East. It provides pasta, salads and paninis, as well as the usual specials. It also hosts the 'Marmite' event in honour of the infamous Willow nightclub in York City centre. Open until late.

There is a cafe at the nearby Ron Cooke Hub on Heslington East, as well as in the Law and Management building.

Library Cafe

The library cafe is perhaps the busiest cafeteria on campus. It can be described as modern, stylish and spacious with a fresh, vibrant decor scheme. It offers Costa coffee, quick sandwiches to takeaway and hot food on order. Located next to the newly refurbished library, it makes a perfect next-door neighbour whilst you study.


Not as popular as the main campus cafes, B-Henry's resides in Alcuin College. It is open until late in the afternoon and conveniently located for students studying Science, Medicine or Economics. It serves a range of hot and cold snacks.

The Biology department also has a cafe called 'Cookies', where coffee, tea and snacks can be bought.

Market Square

Between Vanbrugh College and University Road (and the Library) is the centre of Hes West and a place you'll get to know well while you're at York. It's also next to the uni information centre which you'll need to visit when you don't remember losing your student card in Freshers' Week...


Costcutter is conveniently located on main campus at Market Square where you can buy all the cuisine necessities and day-to-day essentials. However, it can be fairly pricey compared to other options. Many students therefore prefer to have their food delivered from other supermarkets like Tesco, as it works out a lot cheaper. There is also a smaller Costcutter at Halifax College for students to use.

Opening hours:

In Market Square (near Vanbrugh)
Monday--Friday: 8am--9pm
Saturday: 8am--8pm
Sunday: 11am--5pm

Also to be found in Halifax College
Monday--Sunday: 8am--7pm

Other options? Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda all deliver to the University.


Located in Market Square, Your:Shop is subsidised and run by YUSU, York's Student Union. This makes it a lot cheaper. It's famous for its meal deal but also useful for buying stationary, gifts, snacks, (heavily subsidised) newspapers or toiletries. You can also pay your rent, TV license, top up your phone or buy bus tickets all under one roof. The shop also offers tickets to the big campus events and offers a good selection of York merchandise.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9:00am to 8:00pm

Blackwell Books

Blackwell bookstore is also located at Market Square above Costcutter. This is open to students and staff alike and they will happily order in any academic books you may need, sometimes at discounted rates. Specialist subject books include; Management, Economics, Psychology, Medical & Nursing, Social Sciences, Sciences, Literature, History, Archaeology, Law, Politics and Philosophy. The shop is a retailer of 12,000 academic and literary titles, as well as gifts and stationary.

Opening hours:

Mon to Fri: 9am--5pm (October to January 19th, open term time only)

Santander Bank

There is also a Santander bank located at Market Square above Costcutter. Market Square has two cash machines from HSBC and Barclays, plus another outside the Santander branch. All other major high-street banks can be found in York city centre, but there are also some along nearby Main Street.

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am--6pm, and Wednesday 10am--5pm.

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SHA Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Biology "nearby" to B-Henry's!? Are you having a laugh?


SHA Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

(Other than that, good and comprehensive round up)


Anitra Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Holy shinizt, this is so cool thank you.


skeptic2ndyear Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

"The Glasshouse...is popular" Suuurreee it is.


@skepttic Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

poor sarcasm there fella. prior to the Glasshouse Hes East was devoid of a base from which could form "college spirit". its far from perfect - its actually two common rooms hashed together- but compared to what was there before its a great step forward for the residents over here.
please be better informed for the sake of impressionable 1st years.


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