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The Freshers' Playlist

All great weeks in your life need a playlist, and Freshers' Week is no different. Neil Johnston has trawled the collection to produce 20 tracks to set your week alight.

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You've got the grades, soon the car will be packed and you'll be jetting along the University Road on your final approach to the University of York. Whether for the car or for that first night pre-drinking this is the playlist to get you excited for Freshers' Week (although song quality is not assured).

1. Forget New York, this song was obviously written about the old city itself and is perfect for the journey, plus you'll quickly realise campus is a concrete jungle anyway.

Moving to New York - The Wombats

2. It's a new step for you all so you better get 'Ready to start' with Arcade Fire.

3. By this time the parents will be off so give it about half an hour before the drinking games begin. If you can't think of any let Johnny Cash introduce you to one of the Freshers favourites with 'Ring of Fire'.

4. You don't know each other or the city, so it might be an idea to get each others' numbers, if you are able to operate a phone by the end of the night that is. The Foals remind you of this.

5. This hit is appropriate for both those wild nights out and is a nice reminder to get out of bed for those tedious introduction lectures. It can only be 'Wake Me Up' by Avicii.

6. As terrible as the song is, it will no doubt be appropriate most mornings in Freshers'...

Tao Cruiz - Hangover.

7. For when you are disorientated outside a York club after too many jagerbombs and you can't string a sentence together...

8. Of course some of you might meet a companion one fateful night. Say no more as James make the playlist.

James - Laid

9. Although you won't remember every night, you will look back throughout the year and say 'I remember in Freshers...' so Deadmau5 is appropriate.

10. Forget about 'scream and shout' (so 2012), 2013's all about roaring. So here is Monsters University Roar by Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso.

11. Of course, you couldn't be getting through Freshers' without consulting the services of cash machine. Maybe a hit from your school days but still appropriate as ever.

12. Forget Harriet Harman, Faithless are possibly York's most famous alumni. This club classic will not only reflect your sleeping pattern but will certainly make an appearance or two in your Freshers' Week.

13. You might be feeling a little homesick during Freshers' Week, but not worry, you're in good company with the Kaiser Chiefs.

14. Whether it is the drinking games or the flashing ligts that are to blame you will most likely have 'Blurred Lines' during your Freshers' Week...

15. Of course Freshers' is just one week but you're still a first year meaning you'll be ready to reload in week 2. Sebastian Ingrosso takes the final track on our freshers' playlist:

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