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Crawling for Bars: Lucia

Rachel Thompson pitches in with her pick of York's bars, the hidden gem that is Lucia's wine bar and grill

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Stride on in to Lucia's wine bar and grill, though you might have to crawl your way out.

Lucia was by no means the first bar I went to; to be honest I didn't discover this hidden gem in Swinegate till third term. Lucia's wine bar and grill is a far cry from the shady Willow and notorious Vodka Revs. It does not give the pretence of a club but after one of their rather large cocktails you'll be wanting to dance on the tables (trust me). The bar is set in the heart of York city centre, close by is the newly refurbished Latino Bobo Lobo bar and Blind Swine; you can create your own cocktail crawl in Swinegate alone. Forget trekking back to across the river!

From Monday to Thursday their huge array of cocktails experience a price slash; dropping from £5.90 to £3 and £9 for a pitcher (this provides about three long drinks each). There menu may not be as technical as Evil Eye's, but they are in a different league to the likes of Dusk. The menu consists of each and every spirit being the base for multi concoctions, as well as iced mixers, shooters and the traditional selection of cosmopolitans, martini's and daiquiri's. Lucia is a go to place if you're looking for a quiet drink in the evening, a birthday celebration with a group, a weekday pre club strong cocktail, or Saturday booze up with the locals.

A night at Lucia resembles something like going on holiday; the music is lively, the disco lights are vibrant, the decor is outrageous but the atmosphere is relaxed. You can even venture outside in the courtyard which is heated and they also provide blankets, as you're not really in the Caribbean. The fiesta theme of Bar Esperanza (the upstairs section of Lucia) can guarantee a merry level of tipsiness, or the beginning of a full blown night on the tiles. The hangover level is up to you; from experience I would say it's the difference between two cocktails or a pitcher to yourself!

Who goes?

The real question is who doesn't. Lucia provides amazing food, a massive bar area, fabulous drinks that are relatively cheap drinks and a great atmosphere. If that doesn't grab your fancy it's a stumble away from Bora Bora, another York drinking haunt.

What's it known for?

Their amazing array of cocktails and weekday deals. In my opinion you cannot beat their Beverly Hills Iced Tea - Long Island Iced Tea but you swap the cola for Prosecco.

What to wear

I wouldn't turn up in sweat pants. Lucia is more smart than casual, but it really depends on the occasion. Girls are known to enter in stilettos, but tackling the spiral staircase can become tricky after one or two beverages.

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Anthony Jackson Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Thanks for your kind comments Rachel. You've explained thoroughly our ethos and what we try to do here. I'm happy to translates to a decent experience. See you soon x x x


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