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5 things the prospectus didn't tell you...

Andrew Knowles trawls campus for those aspects the prospectus doesn't mention, from brooding geese to

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Last year a student ate goose poo for a bet. This is not recommended - see point 4 for potential outcome. Credit: Brandon Seager
Last year a student ate goose poo for a bet. This is not recommended - see point 5 for potential outcome. Credit: Brandon Seager

York has so much to offer with a great town, 150 student societies and over 50 sports clubs, but the shiny shots of campus we received in the prospectus hide a small number of minor inconveniences

1. The waterfowl in spring: Ducks, geese and all the rest of the birds on campus are close to the heart of York students old and new... But come Spring a new spectre haunts the lakey landscape - after the Easter break, you'll return to a campus full of Satan's own spawn. And the waterfowl will viciously protect their precious offspring with terrifying charges of flapping wings and nipping beaks. It's a traumatic time of year.

2. Costcutter: The only food shop on the main campus. It has a pathetically small range of products which are all priced at the level you'd expect in a boutique organic supermarket in Mayfair. But really, for tight student budgets Tescos, Sainsbury's and Asda will all deliver to your college's front door, and if you get together with flatmates you can split the delivery charge.

3. The campus architecture: The city of York has some really pretty areas and so it teems with tourists during the holiday seasons. But those tourists admiring the Minster and the Shambles are lucky that the campus is situated out of sight of the city centre; most of the campus is a massively ugly abomination of concrete 60s architecture all of which is conveniently ignored by the prospectus photographer.

4. Hes East in the winter: walking around the buildings and feeling like you're in a ghost town devoid of people, and with there not being a shop on site it can feel a little empty. But with Langwith settled in and the Glasshouse revving up, there are over 1000 students on site with a quality bar to get them on the path to town.

5. Freshers Flu: Freshers Flu happens when 12 consecutive nights out combined with people arriving from all over the country and indeed the world results in a bacterial paradise. By November half of campus is hacking away in the student health centre. If you want an appointment with a doctor make sure you book a slot with them a few weeks before you get ill. But fear not as nurses are there for on-the-day appointments, and are extremely helpful. For a different kind of infection, sexual health clinics are also held there on Wednesdays 1-3pm and Friday 12-2pm during in term time, but the clinic in town is your best bet otherwise and can be found at 31 Monkgate. Appointments are recommended and can be made by calling 01904 721 111.

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