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Society in Focus: Latin American Society

Latin American doc is active in campus as a centre of the regions dance, cinema and languages. Sorina Antonescu persuades you to get involved.

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Credit: onlinesalsa
Credit: onlinesalsa

Welcoming, colourful and fun, the Latin American society embraces students from all backgrounds offering them an insight into Latin American culture and all that it has to offer. From learning different varieties of Spanish and moving to the rhythm of Salsa, to cooking workshops, movie nights and socials, Latin American Society has it all.

Undisputed winners of the ISA Global Week for two consecutive years, the Latin American Society keeps piling up trophies one year after the other, dancing their way into first place. "For us more than the prize and the recognition, our biggest achievement was to provide a space for people to participate in the event. Some of them had started dancing Latin rhythms just that past January", explains chair Horatio Hoyos, "What makes it more special for us is that we get to involve a lot of people of countries other than Latino America ones".

Movie nights offer students a glimpse of Latin American socio-political trends, the 'Salsa Party' which takes place every two weeks on Fridays in Wentworth at The Edge, resounds with the rhythm of Merengue, Bachata, Reguetton and, of course, Salsa. The society also invites professional teachers to carry out lessons.

Latin American Soc also aims to cater for those interested in learning more about issues currently dominating the Latin American cultural and governmental platforms, through organised forums where society members are in charge of presenting, or more indirectly, during Spanish lessons that are conversational in nature and include discussions of Latin American food, music and other topics the members are interested in.

So when you join the Latin American society remember you are not just a member of a team. You become part of a family of friends who strive towards getting that recipe right, learning about film, dancing the night away, or competing in the ISA Global Week. A fascinating and diverse culture perfectly mirrored by a vibrant and welcoming society.

Check out their Facebook page and website. You can see the society performing at ISA Glabal Week last year here.

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