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Wild at Heart: The Brand That's Grabbing Life with Both Hands

The 'It Bag' is dead, long live the 'Hands Free'. India Block introduces an exciting new Australian label that's revolutionising handbag design

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WIld at Heart fringe backpack

In recent years handbags have been frankly getting out of hand. Even if you start out with the best of intentions - to simply carry around the bare essentials to get you through your day - you can often end up lumping yourself with an unwieldy sack of heavy junk. Worse, if you're planning on travelling, partying, or generally engaging in any sort of fun and active pursuit, your handbag can start to cramp your style rather than enhance it.

This is where Wild at Heart comes in. It's not often these days to find a brand that genuinely offers a product that fills a gap in both ones sartorial and practical wardrobe, but I think we've found one here. This new and exciting label is the brainchild of the Australian musician Bang Bang (a.k.a. Chrissie Bray), and events co-ordinator Rachael Moore. These two friends and collaborators have developed a unique and undeniably chic range of hand-free bags that are not only totally practical, but also beautiful objects in themselves

"Our inspiration came when we would to go to festivals and tie small bags to our bodies because we wanted to dance more freely," says Moore. "Bang Bang tied her bag around her wrist using a sock, and I had a little canvas bag that strapped onto my boot with an elastic band. They were by no means fashionable, but they were so practical and freedom to move was our priority," she explains.


Determined to keep this 'hands-free' ethos at the center of their design process, the girls have come up with a fantastic range of bags designed to fit around your arm or leg, along with some seriously sexed up versions of classic bum bags and rucksacks. Many times I know I've been frustrated by having to ruin a carefully put-together festival or holiday outfit by whacking on a hideous retro bum bag or a minute hand held clutch. Wild at Heart makes these fashion crimes a thing of the past.

"So often you see groups of girls dancing around a pile of bags or witness some hapless boyfriend holding his partner's clutch at a party," Bray elaborates. "We believe other freedom seekers like ourselves would love an aesthetically pleasing bag that allows freedom of movement."
The freedom vibe translates beautifully into this range of leather bags are hand made in Bali and feature gorgeous understated details such as plain metal studs and soft waterfalls of fringing. My personal favourite has to be the Like A Feather bag; a gorgeous fringed pouch designed to strap neatly around your arm, wrist, thigh or ankle, letting it blend seamlessly into any outfit.

Wild at Heart Fringed Range

Ultimately, these bags let you grab life with both hands. But possibly the most exciting thing about Wild at Heart is that you can have the chance to get involved. Bray and Moore are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help get the word out and grow their label so they can start global production. Even better, everyone that gives their support to the campaign will receive a reward designed at by the label, and the lucky person who pledges the most stands to receive three Wild at Heart bags, along with an original song written, produced, and recorded by Bang Bang herself. Hurry - their Kickstarter project finishes on the 16 of August, and I for one am desperate to be able to put one of these beauties on my Christmas List.

You can find the Wild at Heart Kickstarter page here, what are you waiting for?

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