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Keep up with course mates, or go along with a friend and meet a whole new pool of friends, in societies that help you with careers choices as well as throwing parties to keep your university 'education' perfectly on track.

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These societies act as a kind of supplement to your degree, allowing students to peruse their interests outside the lecture hall. Most offer a range of trips and socials, giving people the chance to meet new people as well as learn more about their field. Of course you don't have to be studying a course to join the society, anyone with an interest in an area is welcome to join. These societies also act as an easy way to gain careers advice and hear about opportunities for undergraduates as well as allowing you to discover what courses are available to you once you finish your studies.

Three years (or more) til graduation, but some of these societies can help you get ahead.
Three years (or more) til graduation, but some of these societies can help you get ahead.

Archaeology Society

An active society on campus, Archaeology Society provides those interested in history trips to places of historical interest. They also provide help and advice to those wishing to find a career in archaeology. It's not all work though - the society holds weekly socials and historic pub crawls, as well as an end of term party at Kings Manor.

Art History Society

Art History Society puts on events such as; talks from people within heritage and creative industries, film screenings, debates, and trips to sites of architectural or cultural interests. Welcome to all - not just Art Historians.

The Exhibition Centre, next to James College houses the Physics and Electronics departments. Credit: Petroc Taylor
The Exhibition Centre, next to James College houses the Physics and Electronics departments. Credit: Petroc Taylor

Art Society

A society for not just those studying art, but those who love art. Art Soc is a society for those interested in painting and admiring art, and trying to increase the profile of art on campus.

Biosciences Society

Biosciences Society is for all those studying, or just interested in, the Biological Sciences. Their aims include creating a relaxing atmosphere, away from the pressures of a degree, to discuss Bioscience Issues or just socialise. If you're becoming disillusioned with your Bioscience degree then this society could be the catalyst to keep you interested. The society organises social events, such as paintballing and bar crawls, including the famous lab coat bar crawl!

Bright Futures York

The aim of Bright Futures Society is to make the students of York more employable. In their own words, "getting a good degree is not enough to clinch that all important interview with a FTSE 100 company". Bright Futures Society provides networking opportunities with such companies, as well as holding workshops to improve those all important transferable skills.


ChemSoc is the society for anyone interested in chemistry. Especially if you're studying chemistry, this would be the perfect place to learn more about chemical issues outside the pressures of your degree. The society also organises guest lecturers, and social events such as nights out.

Eastern Philosophy Society

The society exists to provide and promote a space where students can come together to learn about the nature of truth, the self and reality by exploring different schools of thought that originate from the East. They encourage, engage and explore ideas, thoughts and problems that relate to us and the world we live in through regular discussions on campus, talks by guest speakers, society visits, a fortnightly reading group and even with walks along the Yorkshire Moors.

Economics Society

The Economics Society represents all the Economics Students at the University of York, though is open to those who just have an interest in economics as well. As well as representing their economics concerns, the Society runs social events to help economics students get to know each other outside the lecture halls. They also run academic and career related events to help students find their way into the economic related job market.

Education Society

At EdSoc, we love all things education! They offer members volunteering opportunities relating to the field of education, whilst organising trips and socials with like-minded people. Whether you're after careers events, quiet meals or socials, there's something for everyone.

The University Library entrance; Credit: Agatha Torrance
The University Library entrance; Credit: Agatha Torrance

English Society

For English students and literary lovers on campus, the English Society may be the society for you. The society organises socials in which students are allowed to let their hair down and discuss their favourite literature with each other. Of course there's also the odd pub crawl or two into town.

York Entrepreneurs Society

The York Entrepreneurs Society is the society responsible for the campus famous "York Apprentice" event. The society also took part in an event called "The Business" which involved entrepreneurial challenges against the likes of Leeds and Sheffield. The YES as a whole aims to get students to show and develop their enterprising skills. Being a member of this society stands you in good stead, with many of its previous committee members going on to work in top positions in industry.


Based around the academic Environment course, this Society seeks to educate its members further about the environment as well as putting on socials and other events for its members.

German Society

The German Society's ultimate aim is to improve its' members ability to speak German. It does this by uniting students who are studying German or speak German with Germans who are currently at York on a year abroad. This allows more experience German speakers to chat away with those who are less experienced but keen to improve. The society also organised German themed events, so there's lots of German fun to be had!

History Society

Like all societies, History Society is open to everyone but mainly for History students who want to socialise outside of lecture theatres. The society organises trips and socials for its members, such as bar crawls or city breaks abroad. So if you are interested in History or a History student, you'll definitely want to get involved in History Society.

Investment and Finance Society

The society aims to be the focal point for all students interested in finance on campus and holds meetings twice a month to discuss tips and invite guest speakers.

The University of York Law Society

Law Society has been set up to offer guidance to Law students and those looking to convert to Law. To help their members, the society has links with top practices, and offers skills sessions and mock interview practices. By meeting those involved in the world of Law, the society is an ideal place to professionally network.

York Linguistic Society

York Linguistics Society is for students who love languages and want to talk in and about all the different languages we speak. They also come together to debate about language, sharing their knowledge of language with each other and learning about their cultures. The society also has a quarterly journal which their members can help contribute to with their work and thoughts on linguistics.

Maths Soc

Maths Soc is, famously, the only society that counts! The society is open to all, especially those interested in maths. They highlight how light-hearted they are though, organising easy going lectures from guest lecturers. Occasionally the members of Maths Soc learn things about maths, but mainly they concentrate on having fun.


Aiming to specifically represent medical students at York, the society also acts as a parent society for the many other medical societies attached to the University's medical wing. MedSoc puts on large scale socials and events (including speakers) which can also be attended by non-members at invitation.


NurSoc is a society that represents undergrad nurses studying at York, helping them have the best experience at university that they can. It provides academic advocacy, puts on socials, and connects students to the campus community.

The Hull York Medical School, at the North of campus. Credit: CARLOS62
The Hull York Medical School, at the North of campus. Credit: CARLOS62

Philosophy Society

The Philosophy Society holds a weekly discussion event (Philoscoffee) on Wednesday afternoons and a fortnightly social in one of York's pubs on Thursday evenings. Philoscoffee attracts students from
many academic disciplines who have an interest in philosophical questions. We are also organising speaker events for the coming year.


Physsoc is for Physics students and those just interested in Physics. The society organises socials and events for such people on campus. Academically, the society promotes links between themselves and the Institute of Physics (IoP). The IoP is devoted to increasing the profile of Physics and has specialists in the field.


Psychsoc offers academic and social events to those studying and interested in Psychology. Academically, the society organises talks from guest speakers, the topics of which lead to debate and discussion. They also offer subsidised trips to B£ conferences and write an academic magazine, as well as a mentoring scheme for new students. Socially, as a member you receive free entry to most of their social events.


Shocksoc is the departmental society for the Electronics department which organises socials and related events for students studying, or interested in, electronics.

Find contact details of each society on the YUSU website

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