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Music societies offer a great way to maintain your musical ability and follow a degree at the same time, or to just try out something new.

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Music societies offer a great way to maintain your musical ability and follow a degree at the same time. Whether you're grade eight piano or just want to give singing a go there really is something for everyone. From Glee club to Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir , Concert Orchestra and York Bell ringers York musicians are kept busy. Each society offers a chance to practice as well as events and trips which could lead you to perform in a multitude of places. Most societies welcome a range of abilities and interests ultimately offering a chance to improve your skills and meet new people.

Glee Society performing in Hull Road Park; Credit: Tom Witherow
Glee Society performing in Hull Road Park; Credit: Tom Witherow

Band Society
Bandsoc is the ideal society for students with musical minds. As a member of Bandsoc, you'll be allocated a space and time for your band to practice, as well as the opportunity to perform on campus. If this didn't all sound good enough, the society also has the ability to loan out equipment, when needed, to its members.

Uni of York Bell Ringers Society
The Bellringers' activities include, well, ringing bells. But it's more complicated than that: they have two sections - the tower bell section and hand bell section. If you like ringing bells or seeing all the churches in York then this might be the society for you. And don't worry, you can be both a tower and hand bell ringer if you fancy.

York Big Band
The York Big Band is a 20 piece band made up from students at The University of York. Their styles range from traditional pieces through to jazz and rock and roll. They emphasise that they want their members to have as much fun as they can, and so to do this they try and play at as many live gigs as they can. In their own words, "we are guaranteed to liven up the atmosphere wherever we perform".

University of York Brass Band
A non-auditioning student-run brass brand; they give three concerts a year, and compete at the Whit Friday Marches, and the National University Brass Band Championships of Great Britain. Open to any brass or percussion playing student (of any ability).

University of York Concert Band
Concert Band are an entirely student run wind band, playing a wide variety of music (and eating a wide variety of biscuits, according to them). They aim to play three concerts per year in York as well as organise tours. Recent tourists have gone to Dublin, Holland, Germany and Paris. They are open to players of all standards, as long as it's woodwind, brass or percussion.

Purveyors of some of the finest music events on campus and in York. Whether you're into house, drum and bass, garage, dubstep, hip-hop, electronica or just want something a little different, Breakz provides you with a night of pure musical indulgence. We endeavour to bring you the latest beats on the scene, spun by the hottest international DJs. Their socials and events give you the chance to meet like-minded dance enthusiasts, enjoy the finest DJs York has to offer, and be a part of York's ever growing underground dance music community.

The Fringe - Alternative Music Society
The Fringe are the rock and alternative music society at the University of York. Catering to the widest range of music of any society, their range spans from metal blacker than the blackest black times infinity through to industrial, as well as Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, punk and Goth, with members identifying as part of almost every alternative culture, as well as the many who just like to have a good time. They also organise regular on-campus music socials (Genre nights, jukebox nights and big end of term blowouts), gigs and club nights in York, as well as trips to major alternative clubs around England. They say that 'although we might look scary, we are one of the most friendly and welcoming groups of people on campus'.

The York Glee Singers
The York Glee Singers are a small choir run by students. They sing a variety of styles of music in preparation for a number of concerts they perform at. Like a standard choir, the society is made up of 4 parts - soprano, alto, tenor and bass, so there's the opportunity for male and female singers. The choir sings a variety of styles, such as sacred and more light-hearted music. Many of their singers have sung in church choirs, but the society is not a Christian society.

Music Production Society
Offering an open environment for creating and critiquing music , the society can teach you how to use music software throughout the entire creative process, from composition to mixing and mastering, at both advanced and introductory levels. The emphasis of the society is on integrating musicality with the various technical processes involved in creating a finished composition.

Music Society
The Music Society does "everything in their power to encourage and facilitate music making on campus". The society therefore holds lunchtime concerts on Tuesdays and Fridays during term time at which students can perform in a professional setting. As well as this, they own the practice rooms in Langwith which are open to members to use. Socially, the society organises Summer and Christmas Balls in case you need to get away from the music for a bit.

Opera Society
Even if you think Opera might be boring, tedious and hard to understand, Opera Society might still be worth a go. They aim to make Opera more accessible to the average student. The society does this by organising DVD nights and trips to Opera. If this wets your creative appetite then there's also the opportunity to perform some Operatic greats and even put on your own production.

Concert Orchestra Society
Concert orchestra is a non-auditioning orchestra that aims to provide anyone who wants to continue playing a musical instrument at university the chance to do so. They welcome all players though say that most are of at least grade 6 standard. They rehearse once a week and perform at least two concerts a year.

Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir
If you want to sing in a choir that funs and vibrant, Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir might be for you. The choir was formed in December 2003 and has grown ever since. Whilst Christian based, anyone can get involved. Rehearsals are on Tuesdays at 7pm at Heslington Church.

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